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Wraps and Blunts with SmokeTwo.0

smoke 2.0 blunt wraps

SmokeTwo.0 is a company offering hemp products: cones and cigars made from hemp. Founded by Kirk Young and headquartered in Missouri, SmokeTwo.0 was launched in memory of a close friend, who attended Simeon High School and known as an Eastern Michigan University football legend, Demarius Reed. Reed tragically lost his life due to gun violence in 2014, and this is Kirk’s way of honoring Mr. Reed. Learn more about SmokeTwo.0 below.

What was your relationship with cannabis pre legalization era? 

“As an athlete for all of my teen years and early 20’s, cannabis was always something  that was marketed to me and my peers as something criminal and negative. Cannabis was always something that was around in my neighborhood but for the most part, I stayed away from it due to being an athlete. 

My mother’s medical condition sparked my interest in the plant. She was born with Sickle Cell disease and later developed Cancer before passing away in 2020. My mother took tons of medication her entire life, most of them giving her negative side effects while completely draining her energy with providing minimal help or pain relief. 

It wasn’t until she started smoking Cannabis in my late teen years that I saw the benefits of the plant. My mother was able to increase her appetite, reduce her pain, she was getting better sleep (which was always an issue for her due to the pain), she was ultimately just in a better mood, and more comfortable while consuming Cannabis. I truly believe we shared some of our best moments because of Cannabis. 

I knew then that it was more to the plant than the negative information that was being given to us. This sparked my journey into getting more educated about the plant, which ultimately led me to learning about ways to be involved in the cannabis industry when cannabis legalization became more likely. “   

Please tell me the story tied to the name of the business.

“Demarius Reed, a football legend in the city of Chicago, one who had multiple football scholarship offers before commiting and playing for Eastern Michigan University for two seasons. He was shot and killed during an attempted robbery.  He was one of the most influential people in my life before he passed away and his passing really affected everyone who knew him deeply. 

He wore jersey #2 in high school and while in college. So when I came up with the idea for this business, I knew I wanted to honor him in a way that would keep his story and memory alive. His birthday “6/17” is on every box of 2.0’s.

The 2 in 2.0 represents him with 2 being his jersey number, the wings on the logo represents the jersey he wore at Eastern Michigan, and there also two cannabis plant symbols located in the logo honoring the number #2 once again. The term 2.0  by definition is something used to describe a better version of another product or service. So the name tied in perfectly.”

Of the similar products out there, what’s different about SmokeTwo.0?

“When I came up with Smoke2.0 aka 2.0’s  I wanted to stand out as a brand by offering something that every smoker could enjoy. I believe we are one of the few brands that offer both hemp and tobacco products for our customers. Our customers  enjoy our hemp products, from our hemp rolling papers to our pre-rolled hemp blunt cones; and our tobacco blunt smokers love our larger style tobacco leaf. Our rolling trays are also a customer favorite due to their durability. Bringing the whole community of Cannabis smokers together under one brand is my ultimate goal.”

I consumed my first in Missouri, where can people find SmokeTwo.0?

“Right now anyone can shop online and order your products from Visit our website to see our store locations which are listed at the bottom of the homepage. Our goal is to be a globally recognized brand so please tell your local smoke shops and gas stations to carry Smoke2.0’s!”

Anything up and coming for the company that you’d like to share?

“We have some major new products dropping this winter that will provide even more variety for our customers so I’m really excited about that. We are expanding in every area and have some dope marketing projects and collaborations with other dope brands and influencers on the way so, we’re really excited about the business and the future of Smoke2.0!”

To learn more about 2.0, click here and of course, shop Plain Jane CBD flower to pair with these wraps.

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