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What is a Banger Bead


The world of cannabis seems to be evolving so much and so fast. Banger bead is a new term/thing to many, including me. I was interested to find out more and so, here’s what I understand it to be: a small quartz ball. Below is a breakdown.

What is a Banger?

If you searched for the definition of banger, nothing in cannabis will show up as a result unless the word cannabis is added. In the world of cannabis, a banger is basically a dab rig/unit extension. The definition of a banger from Leafly is: a bucket-shaped attachment on a dab rig in which cannabis concentrates are dabbed.

What is a Banger Bead

A banger bead is like a dab pearl and/or terpene ball. It’s placed inside the banger and is great for those that like low temperature dabs. Weedmaps says: “they assist in the movement of melted concentrate to hotter areas of the banger. If you’re looking to maximize your flavor experience, banger beads are good for this purpose.” Banger beads are also referred to as: terp pearls, terp balls,  dab balls, and dab beads.

The Difference Between Banger Beads as a Concentrate, and Other Concentrates

The short explanation is that the difference between banger beads and other cannabis concentrates is the heat. Most concentrates are consumed at high temperatures. The higher the heat, the more terpenes are lost. Banger beads require low temperatures, therefore, more terpene consumption and more flavor. 

Final Words

I’ll close with how it works. The banger bead spins around in the banger because the intention is to distribute the concentrate (the bead) on the surface of the banger. The spinning around and distribution of the concentrate offers a more robust flavor. Banger beads are good for low temps and flavor distribution. Here’s a cool video on how banger beads work

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