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Elixir, a Breakdown of What it Is 


Before cannabis legalization, we had wine and spirits; now that cannabis is taking over the nation, elixirs are becoming the new social go to in many spaces/gatherings/celebrations. In history, elixirs had roots in alchemy; today, elixirs are used to treat certain conditions. If you’ve never heard of an elixir, this piece is for you. 

Elixir Defined

The Merriam Webster dictionary provides some interesting information regarding elixir. The definition of elixir can mean one or all of the following:  

When it comes to cannabis, definitions 2-5 are very accurate in my opinion, and well, with more and more research proving that cannabis is medicine, I suppose it’s safe to say that research is starting to show the same sentiment and I’m sure the food drug administration is paying attention. 

Photo Credit: Healthline 

As for what an elixir is in relation to cannabis, Weedmaps says that an elixir is any drinkable product that contains cannabinoids or cannabis-derived terpenes. 

How to Consume/Use Elixirs 

Elixirs can be tinctures and/or beverages. Elixirs are made by dissolving cannabis in alcohol or by using syrup. An elixir by tincture means that the cannabis tincture was sweetened or mixed with other liquids. If the elixir is a beverage, then it means the soda, wine, or juice was infused with cannabis tincture. Consumption of either form is oral (have to drink/ place under the tongue. The effects of an elixir may be similar to an edible, because in a sense, they are. 

Can Elixirs be Made at Home?

With proper knowledge, safety, and equipment, elixirs can be made at home. Weedmaps has a great step by step process that you can check out in a piece titled: Elixir

Let us know in the comments your experience with consuming elixirs and/or making elixirs. 

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