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Weed Prices in the US and Beyond

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Weed prices can vary widely from state to state and worldwide. The price of weed is highly variable based on its scarcity, quality, and volume purchased. Depending on where you live in the US, weed may or may not be legal. While some states have legalized marijuana consumption, other states have kept it on the black market. Either way, cannabis consumption is on the rise.

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Dispensary Weed Prices

Most dispensaries grade their weed with rankings like bronze, silver, and gold. That top-shelf gold can cost significantly more than some decent bronze or silver. This is because top-shelf weed is often meticulously cultivated indoors which uses more resources. The result is fantastic premium cannabis with unbeatable potency and flavor.

The more economic dispensary weed may be grown outdoors, in greenhouses, or indoors. It is usually of good quality, but not quite as exemplary as top-shelf bud. These are usually more common strains as well. Specialty strains with more limited supply are usually more expensive. Your personal tastes will ultimately decide if that premium bud is worth the extra money.

In Colorado, the average cost of a gram is $12.00 and $186.00 per ounce. Most Colorado dispensaries charge closer to $7.00 per gram and $120.00 to $180.00 per ounce, but in mountain towns, ski resorts, and Denver proper you will pay more. Prices in Oregon are similar to those found in Colorado. If you are in any of the big cities of California, you will likely pay more.

Black Market Weed Prices

For those who are curious about the price of illegal weed, you may be surprised to find them similar to dispensary pricing. The black market has been put under competitive pressure for the first time with weed legalization. In most states supplies are either diverted in from states with legal cultivation, or home grown.

It can cost a home grower upwards of $2,000 to get their first pound grown. A pound of marijuana can sell starting at just $2,500 so there is not much room for profit from the first crop. Because home cultivation is an expensive and labor intensive legal risk, most black market weed is brought in from larger illegal operations in California or Colorado.

Most people will not buy weed by the pound. Per ounce, the black market weed prices usually range from $180 to $260. In addition to factors like quality and scarcity, how well you know an illegal weed dealer can influence the price. You are more likely to get better weed at a better price from your hermit friend than the guy hustling bags on the corner. You will also be less likely to get arrested dealing with people you know who operate with discretion. That said, this is still an illegal activity.

The World: Comparative Cannabis Prices

Rumor has it that a gram of cannabis in the UAE is valued at over $100, but Vice found that Tokyo was the place with the highest price per gram at approximately $32.66. The study from Vice found that overall, weed prices were highest among Asian cities and the cheapest in South America. They found that in Bogotá, Colombia you could by a gram of weed for as little as $0.70 USD, with an average price of $2.20.

Surprisingly, Vice found that New York has the highest average cannabis consumption in the index- a whopping 77.4 metric tons per year! Coming in at number two is Karachi, Pakistan at approximately 42 metric tons per year.

Final Thoughts on Weed Prices

Cannabis is being enjoyed legally and illegally worldwide. Many states and nations are missing out on big opportunities for tax income by keeping it prohibited. Opinions of cannabis are diverse, but more and more people are seeing it through a different lens. Does marijuana really have important medicinal properties? Is it maybe just a recreational drug believed to be less hazardous to health than alcohol? Is it both? Only time can tell.

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