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Ways to Consume CBD without Smoking

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Somewhere in history, smoking became associated with damage. Some of our ancestors smoked medicinal herbs, including tobacco for various healing purposes. But somewhere in the last handful of decades, the topic of smoking has caused arguments at dinner tables and worse. 

Today, some smoke CBD for medicinal and overall homeostasis. Medical News Today reports that: “Smoking CBD offers one of the quicker methods to feel the effects of CBD. Additionally, smoking CBD may help to satisfy the urge to smoke tobacco or help a person to reduce their cannabis consumption”.

Others want nothing to do with smoking, and that’s understandable too; over indulgence in anything and/or anyone can cause harm. For those that seek alternative ways to enjoy the beauty of CBD, but do not want to consume it by way of smoking, continue reading below. 

Benefits of CBD

CBD can be consumed in many ways; all of which provide all of the beautiful benefits of CBD, some of those benefits include:

Ways to Consume CBD without Smoking

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Before listing obvious ways of consuming CBD without smoking, Let’s address one not so obvious way, CBD flower. Now, many see that and immediately think/say: “I thought we were talking about not smoking.” We are. CBD flower can be used and not smoked. Consider:

CBD flower doesn’t have to be smoked and using it in some of the ways listed above can save the terpenes for maximum consumption benefit. Many assume that infusing a dish/meal with cannabis means that cannabis already has to be broken down in oil form, but it doesn’t. If one doesn’t like the taste of cannabis, they may shy away from using the flower itself to infuse with, but let me suggest, cannabis leaves.

Unlike the flower/bud which holds the most compounds therefore more flavor, the leaves are wildly beneficial without the strong flavor. Other ways to consume CBD without smoking include:

Final Words

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No matter the way consumed, CBD can be beneficial to human health. Even when one thinks they don’t need it for anything, consuming CBD for no reason at all, still feeds and nourishes the body’s endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is the system that maintains the body’s state of homeostasis; which is: any self-regulating process by which an organism tends to maintain stability while adjusting to conditions that are best for its survival. 

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