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Top 10 Reasons to Try Plain Jane in 2021

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2020 has been an interesting year for sure. There’s the obvious pandemic, the clamorous presidential election, and so many other unexpected challenges like murder hornets and wildfires. It has also been a great year to try Plain Jane if you haven’t already. This year alone, Plain Jane added more products than ever. From new tincture blends to CBD gummies, and CBD vape cartridges, 2020 is definitely a great year to try Plain Jane. Even our website has had a facelift to include options to shop by how you want to feel! Why else should you try Plain Jane before 2020 is over?

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1. Get Support to Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is a very common New Year’s resolution. If you are looking for options that might help you quit, you can try Plain Jane Hemp Cigarettes as a substitute. COVID-19 is just one of many respiratory illnesses that are especially concerning for smokers. If you have been lucky enough to avoid infection, you have probably considered how important it is to keep your body healthy to avoid having worse complications in the instance that you do get sick.

Quitting smoking is extremely difficult, I personally endured the challenge this year and it definitely helped to be able to smoke a hemp cigarette instead of breaking down and buying a pack of smokes. There are many helpful tools and resources out there, but for me, having hemp cigarettes around helped me stay quit.

2. Reduce Anxiety Naturally

There’s not much that happened in 2020 that didn’t stir anxiety nation-wide! From equal rights protests to the struggle to control the pandemic, and base-less attempts to overturn election results, 2020 has been a real nail biter. CBD is not an FDA approved anxiety treatment, but like many natural supplements, there is much research and anecdotal evidence suggesting that it can help soothe your nerves. Of course, you should speak to a healthcare provider to be sure that CBD is a safe option for you to try, but it is definitely an option to consider. If your doctor says it is ok, Plain Jane had many different types of CBD products that you can try to calm anxiety symptoms. CBD oil tinctures are a great place to start because they are easy to take and provide a dose you can easily measure and monitor.

3. Try Plain Jane Unique CBD Products

Another reason that it is a great time to try Plain Jane is that there are so many new products to try! For experienced CBD users, there is the CBD terpsolate along with other concentrates like CBD crumble, CBG isolate, and CBN isolate. New CBN products are a unique offering that is naturally sedative, and CBG like CBD can help reduce inflammatory responses in the body. Other unique offerings from Plain Jane are products like the CBD Twax Joints, CBD Moonrocks, and King Palm CBD Blunts (and of course, CBD Twax Blunts).

4. Try Plain Jane Top Shelf Flower

Each strain of CBD hemp flower has its own unique traits (cannabinoid profiles and terpene profiles) that stem from its genetic background and how it was grown. Hemp can be grown year-round indoors or in greenhouses, but outdoor hemp is only harvested once a year. To ensure customers have a wide selection of hemp strains, Plain Jane works with indoor and outdoor hemp growers.

A great reason to try Plain Jane is that they offer so many great top-shelf hemp flower strains for connoisseurs. Every two to three months, new strains become available so there is always something new to try. If you are looking to try a little bit of everything, Plain Jane also offers hemp flower sampler packs and small 3.5g hemp flower options so you don’t need to risk buying a large quantity of a strain that you might not like.

5. Top CBD Value from Plain Jane

Plain Jane is on a mission to provide economical options that make CBD accessible to everyone. For this reason, we offer some options that are not the highest in quality but allow people to access CBD at a value price. Here are just some of those value options:

Full Flavor Trim: The same shredded flower and leaf that is used in Plain Jane Full Flavor Hemp Cigarettes in a bulk option.

Odorless Trim: The same shredded flower and leaf that is used in Plain Jane Low Odor Hemp Cigarettes in a bulk option.

1 Ounce Small Buds: The shake and small buds left over from Plain Jane’s regular hemp flower offerings.

Keep in mind, these options are not the most enjoyable or flavorful. They are truly intended to offer cheap option for people who cannot afford to spend more on regular quality hemp flower. Many of Plain Jane’s regular quality hemp flower is also available for economical prices, so you may not want to go with the cheapest possible options.

6. Try Plain Jane to Support Small Businesses

2020 has been a difficult year for small businesses. While Plain Jane may look like a major player from our polished website design, we are truly a very small company of fewer than 50 people. In addition to the struggle to stay running through COVID-19 restrictions, Plain Jane was directly in the path of the wildfires near the facility in Medford, OR. It was an especially difficult time where employees were losing their homes, the air was thick with smoke and hard to breathe, and the facility that packages our menthol hemp cigarettes suffered major damage.

Big business has already penetrated the CBD market with new giants like CBDPlus and Stanley Brothers bringing CBD to big box retailers. However, their products are not nearly as diverse as what Plain Jane has to offer. Still, if you enjoy CBD and want to support small businesses and fight against corporate cannabis, try Plain Jane! We are not just an online retailer, we are also a community member that seeks to provide employees with a work environment that supports them and makes a difference locally.

7. Be an Educated Consumer

Plain Jane offers high-quality blog content that you will not find anywhere else, and I would know because I am the primary blog writer. Why does Plain Jane pay me to write all of these articles for them? It is because they care about educating their consumers! They could easily get cheaper blog content written, but instead, they have enlisted someone with a professional background in science that can help customers understand what CBD is and how it related to their own bodies. I may not always be the main blog writer for Plain Jane, but I know that the articles I have created for them will continue to be a solid resource for years to come. Here’s a shortlist of some of the 2020 Plain Jane blog articles that are my own favorite:

From FAQ and Safety articles to hemp strain reviews, terpene blogs, and legalization news, Plain Jane has one of the most comprehensive CBD blogs online right now. Virtually any CBD question you have can be answered by searching the keyword in the blog search bar!

8. Plain Jane Customer Support and Service

In addition to the extensive blog, Plain Jane offers top-notch customer service agents that are here to address any concerns you may have. While the customer support team is small, they work hard to assist customers that call or email us and look out for any concerns raised by customers in their reviews. Plain Jane even has responsive social media staff that offers even more ways to get in touch with us if you have any questions, concerns, or order issues. We are a small company with a big heart and are always here to support our customers!

9. Try Plain Jane for Natural Relief and Balance

Many people are interested in CBD for health purposes. The FDA status of CBD prohibits companies from making medical claims (though many do anyway), so we like to tread with care on those topics. That said, anecdotally and in human and animal research, there is a lot of evidence that CBD is a natural care option that may help balance the body and help relieve imbalances like inflammation and pain. While claiming cannabinoid benefits remain controversial in 2020, terpene benefits are well known and terpenes themself are recognized as safe by the FDA.

Since hemp flower contains both cannabinoids and terpenes, it can be hard to say exactly where a perceived benefit may come from. What we do know is that many people find alternative care options like natural CBD hemp flower to be helpful and we are happy that we can play a role in making people feel better. As long as your doctor approves, you may want to try Plain Jane hemp products for yourself and see if it works for your own purposes.

10. More Products Than Ever

For those who are new to CBD, Plain Jane now offers CBD gummies that provide a low potency option. CBD vape cartridges are also very easy to use once you are familiar with the technology. New CBD topicals are also a great option that works for on the spot relief and rejuvenation. We also offer smoking accessories and apparel! In 2020, Plain Jane has more products than ever before.

You may wonder how we decide on new products, and the answer would be that we listen to our customer’s feedback and also keep an eye on trends in the CBD industry. Sometimes, like with delta-8-THC, we look into a product and find that it is legally too ambiguous or its effects are too sketchy to offer customers. Other times, we find interesting new ideas and innovations that customers love.

If you want to stay up to date on all of the new products and sales that Plain Jane offers, be sure to create an account and sign up for our newsletter!

Final Thoughts on Trying Plain Jane

2020 is as good of a time as any to try Plain Jane. We are a small business that listens to consumers, provides diverse CBD products, and ensures there are budget-friendly options so CBD is accessible to everyone who wants it. There is truly something for everyone in our online store, and our brand is also carried in many stores nationwide. You can use our store locator to find a CBD store nearby that carries our offerings. After such a turbulent year, who can say what 2021 will offer. Surely, no matter what happens, Plain Jane will be here to offer the latest hemp strains and natural cannabinoid care options (without the high).

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