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Tom Hemps – A Complete Vendor Review

Tom Hemps website

Tom Hemp’s is working tirelessly towards a vision of making CBD-based products available, understood, and easy-to-use holistic solutions. They believe that CBD should be available for the many, not the few. CBD deserves more attention than it is getting for its positive benefits, and they are working hard to make this a reality. They aren’t just selling CBD products; they live and breathe CBD. Their products range from industrial hemp flowers to high-quality grinders and CBD creams. They promise that each item they make comes from the highest quality EU-certified industrial hemp they can get and process everything at their headquarters in Berlin. What started as a small passion project in a café in Germany has expanded to be a global leader for CBD products.

Top Products from Tom Hemp’s

Tom Hemp’s has an impressive range of industrial hemp flowers, and they come dried and crushed. The 420 Berlin mix has beautiful amber leaves and crystal trichomes throughout the pack, and it results from the flower being dried and crushed. On the website, you can see how the product you want to purchase will make you feel. The language is easy to understand, and you will know how their product will affect you. The flower will bring you peace of mind and overall well-being.

If you prefer to grind your flower, you can get gorilla glue buds that are dense and have undertones of earthy and sour aromas. The strain is perfect for a relaxing afternoon after a stressful day and offers 10% total CBD. You will feel relaxed enough to continue work without the paranoia that comes with high levels of THC. They trim the flower well, and it is free of seeds and stems, which can reduce calming effects.

If you vape instead of roll, they have vape pens they fill with CBD wax. These are perfect for any time use, and the smell will not overwhelm you or those near you. If you purchase a vape pen from Tom Hemp’s, you can buy more cartridges for use with the device they offer.

All their strains of flower are high in CBD, so they will uplift and relax you. But, if you want to absorb CBD through your skin or in a relaxing bath, you can purchase creams and bath bombs. The lotions and creams are perfect for soaking up CBD through your skin and hair follicles. The website offers day and nighttime products with different effects. The benefits of creams and lotions are many, including protecting your skin from moisture loss and re-generating skin with natural ingredients like aloe vera and shea butter.

What People Are Saying

Customers on Facebook have left some outstanding reviews for Tom Hemp’s CBD. Many customers have commented that CBD is the best you can find online. They also share that if you are new to CBD and want to ease your way into hemp products, the cosmetics sold are fantastic. Many customers are repeat buyers, and they highly recommend body lotions. The team knows their product, so customers say they will help you find one that is perfect for your needs and lifestyle.

Tom Hemp’s Loyalty Points and Discounts

Tom Hemp’s has incredibly low prices in their sale section. They offer products for as low as €4. Some of the products on the website are up to half of the retail price. The top sales products are their flower. The prices they offer to customers mean you can access quality products without worrying about the cost. The best deal they offer is the Poppy smoke box. Inside you have everything you need for an enlightening evening. Inside an eco-sustainable box, you will receive CBD candy, a condom – because the company cares about your safety – filters, and some magical hemp that will bring a sense of calmness to the hectic lives we lead. The box is €4,20, which is an awesome deal for everything that you get.

The slim pen is a vape pen that is discreet, subtle, and small enough to pass as – you guessed it, a pen. The narrow stainless-steel housing has an elegant feel and packs 3000 mAH of power so you can vape all day without anxiety from running out of juice. It also sports a beautiful and compact case to protect it. You should purchase this because the price and quality are unbeatable. You can buy the wax or oils to use from the company, so the price makes this a must-have.

Another hot button item is the VFIRE, a vape pen perfect for those who prefer a pen not made from stainless steel. The style is elegant, and the black color makes it portable and easy to conceal.

Tom Hemp’s cares about sharing the love and positive effects of CBD. So, every product they offer contains 0.3% THC or less. They have a blog post outlining the legality of hemp products worldwide, which shows that their customer reviews are honest and the company is knowledgeable.

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