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Tina Ulman- President of the Las Vegas Chamber of Cannabis

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Women in cannabis, something we need to see highlighted more. This week, I am happy as heck to feature women in cannabis/hemp industries. Along with Plain Jane CEO, Lindsey Holthaus, the women being featured in this week’s series of hemp industry leaders are powerful voices amongst other things.

In this one, we feature Las Vegas Chamber of Cannabis President, Tina Ulman. The Chamber of Cannabis is a non-profit organization that unites cannabis industry professionals who strive to build a more inclusive industry. Chamber of Cannabis members are individuals, businesses, and organizations, who believe in the power of cannabis and want to help shape the industry and community.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Adriana, for the hemp industry leaders column. Check out the interview below.

Tina Ulman – The President of the Las Vegas Chamber of Cannabis

Please tell me about life in cannabis before becoming the President of the Las Vegas Chamber of Cannabis. 

“Before becoming the President and Co-founder of the Chamber I was a very determined leader in the cannabis space that wanted to have a deeper impact on all the things that needed attention; justice, inclusion & destigmization. Unfortunately, I didn’t have too much experience in the judicial, political, or cannabis arena having been a sales and marketing executive for a large hospitality developer for 15 years prior. So I became a sponge and surrounded myself with people I could learn from and started to cascade that information down to my peers in the industry. I was also extremely blessed to work for Old Pal as the Nevada Territory Manager. They created a space for us to be cultural changing machines and I took full advantage of it.” 

What was the journey into your current role like?

“It’s been so incredibly fulfilling and enjoyable overall. The last 3 years of being in the cannabis industry has allowed me to use my gifts and strengths to help develop a more inclusive and knowledgeable space than when I entered it. I love creating and building and was able to do that with the Chamber one conversation at a time. Those conversations have now turned into an association with over 200 members and a reach of 5000.” 

What is your goal as President, and what is the mission of the Chamber of Commerce?

“My goal as the President is to help inspire, lead, and develop our association and community into one of the most conscience and thriving markets in the states. I want people like me to see the opportunity that exists and have the confidence to take full advantage of it, especially those that respect the plant and are willing to put in the effort it requires. 

We are a unified people who believe in the power of cannabis. We advocate fro inclusive business opportunities, foster resources and connections and strengthen relationships with our political and judicial leader.”

What do you love most about the Las Vegas hemp and cannabis industries?

“All the incredible people that are connected through this plant. No other commodity or business sector is like cannabis and that gives us the opportunity to build a frame around it. A frame for plant based medicine, inclusion, and justice. We are at the beginning of a green evolution and that excites the hell out of me. I also love that you can consume with your colleagues and you don’t have to hide it!” 

Can you share any good news/things coming in 2022 for hemp and cannabis in Las Vegas?

“Consumption venues are coming! I am highly looking forward to the innovation and opportunities that will arise because of them.” 

To learn more about Tina and the Chamber of Cannabis, check them out here.

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