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The Hemp Haus – Should you buy from them

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The Hemp Haus aims to demystify and declutter the hemp landscape for you. Everyone deserves a CBD shopping experience that is simple, easy to understand, yet sophisticated by nature. They only offer the highest quality CBD products because you deserve them. The company has a mission to share knowledge with consumers, so if you need guidance, reach out to them, and they will help. The company understands that everyday users cannot inspect the fields where their flower is being grown, so The Hemp Haus takes care of the hard work for you. They carry two main brands of hemp products, Ananda Hemp and Puffin Hemp. They stick to selling two brands because they believe in quality over quantity.


The Hemp Haus is an excellent source for all your smoking needs. They offer full flowers that are delivered to you as full, fat nugs. The Kush Mints have a minty flavor and uplifting smell. The flower is very popular amongst CBD connoisseurs because it is an evenly balanced strain. The dense and well-trimmed buds have a pale green color and are covered in amber-colored hairs and trichomes. The flower has a piney sweet aroma with a hint of fresh mint. The smoke will leave a deliciously sweet taste in your mouth with coffee and earthiness flavors combined with a robust mint flavor.

They also have Delt 8 THC flowers and moon rocks. The effects of Delta 8 can help stimulate your appetite and reduce anxiety. The Granddaddy Purp is a heavy Indica strain that results in intense effects. The active terpene in this flower is myrcene which has anti-inflammatory properties and can help with insomnia or pain. It’s a true nighttime strain to get you prepared for a restful night’s sleep. The flower is semi-sticky, and it leaves a grape or berry-like taste in your mouth. The smoke will release a sweetly scented aroma that is smooth, not harsh. The flower has beautiful, thick purple buds that are covered in white resin. The flower stands out amongst the crowd because of its potency.

The Hemp Haus has many options for people who prefer to ingest CBD rather than smoke it. They have an extensive selection of tinctures, edibles, and CBD capsules. The soft gels are perfect for you to balance your busy life with time to relax. They contain a blend of hemp seed oil, premium full-spectrum hemp extract, and botanical terpenes, and exactly 15mg of CBD. The tinctures are a fabulous alternative for something that will act a bit more quickly because you drop the CBD oil under your tongue. Since there is no capsule, the body can absorb the oil more quickly and produce relaxing effects.

What People Are Saying

Facebook reviews give this hemp supplier 5 out of 5 stars. Some customers wish they could rate them ten stars! The company can easily explain all the benefits of their products and help you choose the right solution for you.  The flower and tinctures effectively reduce anxiety for customers. One person said, “it helps with the pain that I have in my back 24/7.” The Hemp Haus is happy to let you try out their products before purchasing if you head into the store. On top of this, they will also provide you with informational pamphlets to help you understand the products you are purchasing and the best ways to use them. If you have a shipping problem, they will quickly resolve it. A customer did not receive her order, and when she called the company, they sent a new order immediately that arrived within two days.

The Hemp Haus Points and Discounts

The Hemp Haus offers free and fast shipping on all orders over $99. You can sign up for exclusive offers, and they send them directly to your inbox. If you want to save on your purchase, you can buy a bundle of beautifying skin products and tinctures. You can save more than 50% off the price of buying the products separately when you buy a bundle. You can opt for a tincture and a vitamin C pack that will boost your immune system by offering antibacterial properties and ease your mind. If you prefer, you can also choose a tincture and a CBD salve that will help you enjoy the benefits of CBD being absorbed through the skin while softening and hydrating your skin.

Every product that Hemp Haus offers has a certificate of analysis. The analysis shows which terpenes and cannabinoids are in the product you are buying. Some of their flowers contain more than 0.3% THC. In Missouri, cannabis is decriminalized, and possessing a high CBD flower with low THC counts should not get you into any trouble at the state level. Since some products have more than 0.3% THC, they are not legal at the federal level. The legality of using the products will depend on where you live and your local laws.

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