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The Down-Low on Vaping Hemp

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Hemp has been made available in every shape, form, and product imaginable. From oils to edibles, tinctures, pre-rolls, and topicals, the market spills over with options for every Tom, Dick, and Harry. And while they all promise effective results, vaping hemp allegedly delivers a more potent experience.

Penetrating more effectively into the lungs, vaping hemp delivers knock-out effects that maximize hemp’s chemistry. So if you were hoping to feel CBD’s potency at a whole new level, vaping hemp might be the way to go.

Vaping Hemp — Is It Safe?

Just for the record, vaping hemp hasn’t been around long enough for researchers to identify any health threats it might cause. For that reason, they can’t rule out the idea that it might not be entirely harmless. But even then, anecdotal evidence supports the idea that vaping hemp is a much safer alternative to smoking.

When you smoke hemp flowers, you produce byproducts as a result of the combustion. That’s why there’s smoke. These byproducts enter your system along with all of the cannabinoids and terpenes. The cocktail of compounds produces the effects that hemp is known for, but might also cause some risks down the line.

According to studies, frequent and long-term exposure to hemp smoke may constrict air passageways, however, the practice has not been found to produce obstructions. Nonetheless, smoking hemp isn’t without its fair share of proven challenges, especially for long-term users.

Vaping hemp, on the other hand, seems doesn’t produce the same byproducts. As its name suggests, vaping delivers all of those precious cannabinoids and terpenes in a cloud of vapor. Without any burning, it doesn’t produce smoke, and therefore could be far safer for your lungs.

Step-by-Step Guide for Vaping Hemp Flower

Smoking is pretty straightforward, but vaping requires a little more know-how. If you’re new to vaping hemp flower and you’re not sure how to do it, try to follow these simple steps.

Set Your Temp

Let it be known that not all vapes have temperature control. So if your tool comes with more basic features that limit its capabilities to just on and off, you can skip this step. But if you have a more sophisticated vape, then you should be able to adjust its temperature.

According to experts, a temperature between 360°F and 380°F should provide the best effects. For users who have slightly more experience vaping hemp, or for those with a higher tolerance, the max temperature rests at around 400°F.

While it might seem exciting to explore temperature territory outside of these measures, experts strongly recommend against it. Heating too low might produce limited effects, while exceeding the maximum temperature could damage the cannabinoids and subdue the experience.

Measure Your Hemp Dose

As you wait for your vape to heat up, you can start preparing your hemp dose. This varies from person to person, but usually measures between 0.25 and 0.5 g. Keep in mind though that these numbers are not set in stone.

Depending on your tolerance, you could use a couple extra milligrams to get the effects really going. If you’re vaping for the first time, you could require a much smaller dose than what you’re used to.

So for first-time vape users, it might be helpful to start off with a minimum 0.15 to 0.2 g dose just to see your body’s tolerance. Assess how your body responds to the initial dose before adding any extra milligrams to meet your therapeutic threshold.

Once you have the proper weight measured, go ahead and break the bud apart. Get rid of any stalks, stems, or seeds since these can probably tone down the effects you experience.

Take a Drag

With your vape all heated up and the flower in the chamber, you can get started on vaping hemp. To take your dose, simply pucker your lips against the mouthpiece and take a nice long drag.

Make sure to brace your throat and inhale straight into your lungs — not just into your mouth. Take nice, long, controlled inhales and see to it that the vapor passes all the way down into your chest.

Also, don’t worry about having to finish up the flower at a fast pace. Unlike smoking, vaping hemp flower doesn’t burn up the plant material while you’re not taking a drag. So you can go at a slow and steady rate to enjoy the entire dose.

If anything tastes off, you might want to turn off your vape and check the chamber for any lodged, old plant matter. You could also take some time to assess your CBD hemp flower — is it old and moist? Contamination can affect the flavor profile.

Why Should You Vape Hemp Flower?

Sure, vaping hemp flower looks mad cool. But there’s so much more to the intake method than just style. Here are some of the advantages of vaping hemp and why it might work better for you than other methods:

Ready to Get Vaping?

Vaping hemp flowers might just deliver the potency you’re looking for. This promising method of CBD hemp flower intake provides elevated effects and amplified benefits that let you take less and feel more.

So if you’re new to the vaping scene, make sure you keep these pointers in mind so you can get the most out of your newfound hemp usage method of choice.

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