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Sweetened Hemp Strain Review


The Sweetened hemp strain is a balanced flower that strikes a chord between Sativa and Indica. Thanks to its hybrid nature, it’s an ideal strain for daytime use. It won’t make you groggy or put you to sleep, but it will sweeten your day. This strain is popular for boutique farms for its special taste and flavor. This flower is easily distinguished from its hemp peers.

With CBD levels ranging between 10 and 14%, this strain is also quite capable in the potency department. Generally, it has a CBD to THC ratio of 27:36, but special cultivating techniques reduce the amount of THC to make it legal for areas where THC is not legal for recreational use. In comparison to similar strains, it is one of the most potent CBD flowers available.

Sweetened Hemp Strain Genetics and Lineage

The Sweetened Hemp strain has a power-packed family tree. It was created by crossing two very popular and stable commercial strains – Cheery Hemp and Otto II. The flowers have inherited some of the best properties of both parents, thus becoming an extremely potent phenotype. This strain is favored by growers for its short, stocky plant with short internodes, but mostly for its fast growth rate. A potent and flavorful hybrid that grows fast is an easy sell for any farmer.

Cherry hemp is also a hybrid with a 50-50 balance between Sativa and Indica. As the name suggests, there are aromas of cherry and other fruits, along with hints of spice and citrus. Cherry is known for producing mental and physical calm with pain-alleviating properties.

Otto II is also a balanced strain that harmonizes Sativa with Indica within it. It has a rich terpene profile that creates a heady aroma and uplifts the mood upon smoking or vaping. It has overtones of hay with undertones of savory and sour notes. Crushing the flower releases a citrus fragrance from the crystals. It produces deep relaxation effects in the body and the mind.

Growing the Sweetened Hemp Strain

As mentioned earlier, Sweetened is a fast-growing plant that goes from seed to mature flowers within eight to nine weeks. The yield is also quite good, averaging about 2.5 lbs per plant.

It is relatively easy to grow, and the strain is quite stable in yield and growth. It does well in a greenhouse but is primarily an outdoor crop. Seeds are easily available from various seed banks across the US.

Sweetened Hemp Strain Terpene Profile

As you can guess from the name itself, the sweetened hemp strain has a refreshingly sweet smell that will remind you of candied fruits. The fruity notes are well balanced out by the presence of strong citrus overtones. As soon as you start to crush or grind the buds, a burst of pine will reach out to grab your attention.

As you roll it up and light it to take your first toke, you will be greeted by a fresh release of spicy notes that were not all that evident before. You will be able to distinguish various spice notes like pepper and cinnamon, especially if you are vaping. If you are using a dry herb vaporizer, you will be able to detect the entire gamut of terpenes.

Tasting notes include clear herbal tones with wood and earthy notes blending in towards the finish. The sweetness becomes apparent with each fresh toke, and it gently gives way to the rest.

Overall, this flower is as rich in flavor and aroma as it is in cannabinoids. Just the aromatic experience of smoking or vaping will be immensely pleasing. And that is not even the best part.

Sweetened Hemp Strain Effects

As mentioned earlier, this strain is ideal for daytime use. Thanks to its perfectly balanced profile, the Sativa-Indica hybrid flower gives you the best of both worlds. The high CBD content will make itself apparent from the very first toke. You will immediately start to feel relaxed, and a sense of gentle calmness will descend on you like a warm hug.

As you continue to smoke or vape it, you will start to feel your thoughts settling down. Your mind will not be racing anymore, and that will make it easy for you to focus on work. It has a similar calming effect on the body as well. You will feel a remarkable reduction in pain, stress, and tightness. The CBD will work its way through to each muscle and help them relax.

The thoughts might slow down, but the mind will remain alert and attentive. This makes it easy to be productive. You can stay awake and enjoy the gentle relaxation.


If you are looking for the perfect daytime flower that is aromatic and full of flavor, look no further than the Sweetened hemp strain. It is an ideal strain for both growers and consumers.

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