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Located in Saint Louis, MO- a medicinally legal marijuana state, Rooted Buds is on a mission to make taste buds dance. Offering a CBD infused catering menu, this catering and events company has an option for everyone, even vegans, that incorporates high quality ingredients alongside Cannabis. Their goal is to showcase alternative ways to medicate and bring like minded individuals together to celebrate the plant and its medicinal benefits.

And the buzz behind this CBD infused catering and events company is real. They have been featured in publications such as STL NPR and often report selling out of meals at the events they service. The company can be found at events such as: medical card registration events, tournament and award events, and at various events they team up with The Canna Education Collective for. 

Many have seen edibles such as candy, beverages, and brownies, but Rooted Buds is offering meals like tacos, sandwiches, salsa, sauces, and more- of course MO is loading up on meals. Learn more about Rooted Buds from the owners.

Please give insight into the business owners and team, and the hats each wears?

“Snoop is the Mastermind Chef and Infuser behind all of our meals. She makes sure that the food is crafted beautifully with the proper dosing! Denise is the communications and operations specialist and of course taste tester! She gives the final yes on all sauces, meals, seasonings, drinks, and beyond. One thing we pride ourselves on is inclusivity with all dietary needs. Don’t eat meat? No problem! Gluten Free diet? We got you!”

Tell me more about Rooted Buds and how you all incorporate CBD in the menu.

“One of our main ingredients is CBD! We knew so many people struggling with pain. There was a lack of alternative options outside of smoking and eating sweets and so we had to create solutions! At this time, we utilize CBD in many forms to bring on an entire experience that may help to provide relief to our clients and consumers.”

What should we be on the look for from Rooted Buds, let’s say 2 years from now?

“Rooted Buds’ future looks very positive! Over the next two years, we will be finalizing out ingredient lists to begin our very own product line!  We see drinks, sauces, seasonings, oils, and so much more! We want the items to be easily accessible to the everyday person so they always have alternative ways to medicate and feel educated behind their decisions! We also of course look forward to creating amazing meals and experiences wherever we are called to be!”

To learn more about Rooted Buds, check them out here.

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