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Remedy CBD Strain Review


Bred from two powerful cannabis hemp strains, the Remedy CBD strain is a popular commercial CBD hemp cultivar. It is a cross between the Cannatonic and Afghan Skunk cultivars, both of which are extremely popular in the cannabis hemp industry.

The intense aromatic profile from both parents is well expressed in the Remedy CBD strain, along with a high CBD concentration and low THC expression that makes it ideal for CBD connoisseurs. If you are simply looking for relaxation and upliftment without any intoxication, then Remedy CBD is a very good option.

This strain was developed by Resin Seeds, the same breeders behind Cannatonic, which is one of its parents. Resin Seeds came together with Mr. Nice Seedbank and CBD CREW, two more well-known and experienced breeding companies, to focus on creating medicinal hemp. That is how the Z7 cultivar was born, which was later renamed Remedy CBD.

Let’s take a closer look at the parents of the Remedy CBD Strain.


This is a well-balanced CBD dominant hemp strain known for its perfect blend of Indica and Sativa effects. With just 3 to 6% THC content and an average CBD content of 6 to 17%, it is a potent therapeutic hemp strain focused more on healing and less on intoxication.

It is best known for relieving aches and pains throughout the body but does not make you feel sleepy or groggy. It also has a light cerebral high that enhances your mood and keeps you feeling good. It is great for daytime use.

Afghan Skunk

This extremely popular strain was created in the United States by crossing the pure Indica Afghani landrace strain with the stable and potent Skunk genetics. This gave us Afghan Skunk, which is by far one of the most popular strains in the world and is recognized as a “classic” strain in the industry.

It is also an easy strain for new growers because the plants are resilient and easy to care for. Thanks to the Skunk genes, it has a sweet and stinky aromatic presence. It is also known for its high THC concentrations of over 17%, making it a much-loved strain for cannabis lovers.

Remedy CBD Strain Aesthetics

The Remedy CBD flowers tend to be medium to large in size. They attain a signature spade shape upon maturation, and the buds have a dense structure that shows their Indica heritage from the Afghan Skunk side. There are streaks of bright yellow on both buds and pistils. Frosty layers of trichome are visible on the buds and sugary leaves surround the buds.

Remedy CBD Strain Aromatic Profile

Remedy has a subtle bouquet of flavors and aroma that does not have an explosive presence. Rather, it slowly becomes present as the bag is opened and the first sniff is taken.

Surprisingly, Remedy does not inherit the skunky funk that characterizes the Afghan Skunk cultivar. Instead, it expresses a subtle blend of sweet aromatic notes that combine overtones of mainly Lemon and Pine. The Pine part becomes more prominent as the bud is ground before smoking or vaping.

The Remedy CBD strain terpene profile is dominated by beta-caryophyllene and beta-myrcene. Also present are alpha-pinene, alpha-humulene, alpha-bisabolol, D-limonene and beta-pinene. The terpenes contribute to over 1.5% of the dry weight, which shows a fairly decent terpene concentration.

Remedy CBD Strain Cannabinoid Profile

There is a large concentration of CBDa that makes up for the bulk of the CBD in flowers. This form of CBD is inactive in the human body but is instantly activated when it is heated for smoking. Vaporization may not achieve this effect if the minimum temperature for decarboxylation is not met.

Also present are rare cannabinoids like CBC, CBGa, THCa, and THC. These are all present in trace amounts that are well below 1% of the total dry weight.

Remedy CBD Strain Effects

As the Remedy CBD flower is crushed, the terpenes start to work their magic. The limonene and pinene terpenes are known for creating a relaxed yet aware state of mind when inhaled.

Once vaporized or smoked, the flower is smooth on the inhale and aromatic on the exhale.

This strain is classified as a medicinal strain because of its high CBD potency and low THC concentration. Most users notice an immediate relaxing effect running through their body after taking their first few tokes. This relaxation deepens and relieves aches and pains throughout the body.

It works especially well for muscle tension and headaches caused by muscular and vascular tension and has also been reported to be effective for relieving symptoms of arthritis, epileptic seizures, nausea, and more. These are all well-known therapeutic benefits of CBD, and they are enhanced further through the terpenes present in the flowers. 

Overall, it is great for those who are looking for deep relaxation, especially during post-operative periods where pain relief and good sleep are important.

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