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Purple BOAX Hemp Flower Review


The purple BOAX hemp flower is a bit of an all-rounder strain. Whatever you expect out of a good quality hemp flower, it provides. It has an excellent terpene profile, giving it a great taste and aroma. The bouquet is only the beginning because it also has a rich collection of helpful cannabinoids and a high concentration of CBD.

It is little wonder that Purple BOAX is one of the most commonly cultivated strains in the CBD industry. It has a steady demand from experienced users and beginners who have done their research. Most users will recommend this flower whenever asked about a readily available good quality flower.

So before we get into the actual meat of this review, it is essential to know the antecedents of this flower. Where did it come from, and how was it created.

Origin and Genetics of the Purple BOAX CBD Hemp Flower

Hailing from the serene environment of Colorado Springs, the BOAX is a high CBD hemp strain. It was created by crossing the Hindu Kush and an in-bred line of Otto II seed. Bringing the best of the west and the east together in one strain has created a winning recipe for smokable CBD hemp flowers.

Purple BOAX genetics has given it a woody, sweet lemony flavor that is exceptionally pleasing to the senses. The company behind the strain has been working hard to use all available resources to ensure high CBD concentrations that are stabilized and predictable. 

The plant has a short, dense structure, and flowers grow quickly compared to most other CBD hemp strains. This makes it an easy cultivar to grow, giving buyers a constant and predictable supply of one of their favorite flowers.

This is a rare hybrid strain that has the balanced presence of Sativa and Indica at a 50-50 distribution. The name comes from the beautiful purple, orange, and green hues that the flowers display upon maturing. 

Look and Feel

The buds will appear smaller than your average hemp flower, but they are dense and packed with flavor. They are great for both smoking and vaping. However, if you want to enjoy the full extent of their exquisite taste and aroma, using a dry herb vape is highly recommended.

The Purple BOAX flower changes in flavor and aroma based on whether it was cultivated indoors or outdoors. So, depending on whether you have tried BOAX before, you may or may not have the same experience with this one.

That said, it is a fantastic cultivar that all hemp lovers should experience. The taste has characteristics of brown sugar and rich orange cream, which announces the presence of terpenes like nerolidol. This experience leaves most CBD connoisseurs extremely pleased and wanting more.

Purple BOAX Terpene Profile

Thanks to its densely packed terpene profile,  Purple BOAX is one of those rare strains with a rich and complex flavor profile. Based on third-party lab analysis, we can see that the flowers have large amounts of terpenes like Farnesene, Caryophyllene, beta-Myrcene, and Pinene.

These terpenes are greatly sought after for their health benefits and the aroma and flavor they lend to the flowers. For those unfamiliar with terpenes, these molecules are responsible for all the smells and taste you enjoy in nature. Flowers, fruits, leaves, and all plant parts with aromatic properties have associated terpenes in the plant matter.

The presence of Caryophyllene gives the Purple BOAX its distinct earthy, spicy notes. It will most likely remind you of freshly baked goods, which are mouth-watering just to think about. The Myrcene present in the flowers creates a sweet aroma reminiscent of fruity candy. The medley is an irresistible feast for the senses combined with all the other terpenes.

Also present is small quantities of Ocmene, which adds its distinct woody, herbal, sugary rose profile to the entire mix.

Purple BOAX Cannabinoid Concentration: CBD and THC

As a legal CBD hemp flower, it has less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC, a prerequisite condition for selling CBD flower, mandated by the 2018 Farm bill that legalized CBD hemp and its derivatives.

The exact concentration of this great strain depends on the precise phenotype being cultivated, but it is known to be at least 14% and higher. Most of it is usually found in the CBDA form that converts to CBD when heated during smoking or vaping. This happens due to the decarboxylation process.

Effects of Purple BOAX

This CBD flower has a potent uplifting effect on the user. It is one of the most pleasurable cannabinoid highs that are far from overwhelming. It will help you calm your nerve and elevate you to a place that is easy to work and focus on, so it is excellent for use throughout the day. In the evening, it is also effective for helping you put the day behind you and just relax.


Purple BOAX is definitely one of the most exciting CBD strains out there. It is high in flavor as well as CBD concentration. It is also easily available and has a reasonably consistent quality. All things combined, it is a great option for any level of user.

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