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CBD and Hemp Legality in Oklahoma: Cannabis & Hemp Laws 2021 Update


2021 Update

No updates have been made to hemp- CBD laws in Oklahoma..
In 2021, Oklahoma made HB 2272: “Oklahoma Cap on Medical Marijuana Businesses Act of 2021law. This is an attempt to to cap the market for a temporary two- year period.

In addition to the federal hemp laws laid out in the 2018 Farm Bill, each state has its own state hemp laws. Before we dive in on Oklahoma Hemp Laws and the legality of CBD in Oklahoma, it is important to understand the different types of hemp and CBD products that these laws may be applied to.

There are many (somewhat confusing) terms for hemp oil:

FAQ: Hemp and CBD Legality in Oklahoma

Is Full Spectrum CBD Legal in Oklahoma?

That is a trick question because full-spectrum CBD is not the same as the so-called PCR Hemp Oil! This new marketing term is certainly introducing even more confusion around CBD products.

Oklahoma hemp laws are not overly specific about what CBD products can be bought and sold in Oklahoma. They do have some additional labeling requirements, but overall Oklahoma is very friendly to hemp and CBD.

Is It Legal to Ship PCR Hemp Oil to Oklahoma?

It is legal to ship ALL types of hemp products with less than 0.3% THC to all US States according to the 2018 Farm Bill.

Where to Buy Full Spectrum CBD Oil in Oklahoma?

CBD and hemp products can be bought in stores or online under Oklahoma hemp laws.

Do you need a special license to purchase PCR Hemp Oil in Oklahoma?

You don’t need a special license to purchase CBD hemp oil (all types) in Oklahoma, only to grow, test, or sell products.

How Does Oklahoma Legally Define Hemp?

“Industrial hemp” means the plant Cannabis sativa L. and any part of the plant, including the seeds thereof, and all derivatives, extracts, cannabinoids, isomers, acids, salts and salts of isomers, whether growing or not, with a delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol concentration of not more than three-tenths of one percent (0.3%) on a dry-weight basis

Oklahoma Senate Bill 238

Growing and Selling Hemp in Oklahoma

Oklahoma established a pilot hemp farming program originally under the 2014 Farm Bill. Their USDA hemp farming plan is currently under review. The current program requires hemp farmers to first establish a relationship with an Oklahoma college or university that has an agricultural program. After that the farmer may apply for a hemp cultivation license with the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture Food and Forestry.

Retail Hemp and CBD products must comply with all state hemp laws, including Senate Bill 868 and Senate Bill 238, the Oklahoma hemp laws:

In addition to Oklahoma state CBD laws and the 2018 Farm Bill hemp laws, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has additional requirements for CBD and hemp companies to meet.

Oklahoma state hemp laws allow for many products such as:

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