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Nicotine Vaporizers Create More Cigarette Smokers

vaping cbd oil

vaping cbd oils


Similar to inhaling tobacco smoke without the smoke, an electronic cigarette is a device that contains and emits nicotine-free vaporizers. Thus, it is mostly referred to a non-nicotine solution. Due to the fact that they are paraded as a solution to reduce the rates of smoking, e-cigs are widely marketed under several tags – vape pens or vaporizer cigarettes.

The increase in the demand for e-cigs is not unnoticed. Since they first appeared on the Chinese market, about 3.2% of grown-ups in the United States owned a brand in 2016. In fact, a whopping number of people who tried e-cigarettes were distributed among 2 million middle and high school students.

In the United States, most teenagers prefer vaping which makes it the most popular form of tobacco use within that group. Interestingly, the bulk of people who tried vaping were about 40% and none of them (aged 24 to 40) had tried smoking before vaping became a sensation. From research, vaping may truly be dangerous.

Unfortunately, a lot of vapers use vaping devices because they want to and not for the sole purpose of quitting their tobacco addiction. Subsequently, the enforcement of rules was done by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2016. These rules were put in place to address the:

Some facts on e-cigarettes are:


Even though e-cigarettes have a great tendency to tackle the problem of smoking, there is a possibility that vaping may be more handful than it’s contemporary. A few reasons are:

Recent research on how nitrosamines in e-cigarettes damage the DNA was conducted on some animals. The report showed that there was a reduction in the ability of lungs to self-repair after a few exposures. More so, the mice in the experiment ended up with a damaged heart, bladder, and lungs. This shows that e-cigarettes, similar to cigarettes, contribute to bladder cancer, lung cancer, and heart diseases.

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