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Nature & Bloom Vendor Review


Nature & Bloom is knowledge and reviews-related website that focuses on serving well-researched, in-depth articles and reviews of the cannabinoids industry. The website is run by a professional team that includes medical expertise.

The website has a dedicated section to introduce the team to the reader, and reading about them gives us the confidence of knowing the professional expertise of the writers, editor, and medical experts. It is a small team that is efficient at managing the workload of producing high-quality content that answers a lot of the common questions.

We would like to highlight the two medical consultants who lend credibility to the various cannabinoid-related articles. This is because the recreational cannabinoids industry has a large overlap with the medical hemp and cannabis industry. So, the articles often have to dive into the therapeutic side of things. This is when having the oversight of a healthcare professional with expert training and practice really helps.

The website has a simple layout. The graphic design is consistent and professionally done. The landing page has a small introductory section, and the highlighted articles take up the majority of screen space. While most articles are brand reviews, there are knowledge-based articles that introduce new concepts, such as Delta-8 and Delta-10.

The website proudly displays the various mentions it has received in mainstream media outlets such as Forbes and HuffPost and on industry mainstays such as Merry Jane and Wikileaf.

While the presentation and the content quality are excellent, there is one thing to keep in mind. The website does not have advertisements, and the revenue seems to be generated through affiliate links. These links are mainly found in the multi-product review-type articles, which form the second major category of articles on the website.

This is a common practice on such websites. It allows the website to stay relevant and only offer paid links for products that they have individually vetted, which are also relevant to their audience. So while there is nothing wrong with this approach, it is just important to remember when going through the website.

The products chosen by the website are based on the various affiliate programs that they seem to be a part of. So the overall selection is smaller than can be expected. However, the companies represented in the reviews are all well-known and reputed brands. So the selection is a reliable and quality one, even if it is not entirely representative of the industry at large.

Top Articles from Nature & Bloom

Delta-8 seems to be the common thread running through most of the articles in the most popular section. These articles are prominently displayed on the home page and are mainly based on product reviews of popular Delta-8 THC product categories. So there are articles on the best Delta-8 vape carts, best Delta-8 gummies, and best Delta-8 THC flowers, and there are also reviews of individual brands that the website seems to be affiliated with.

Popular brands represented through the articles include the popular company Binoid, which is known for its pioneering efforts in bringing some of the popular alt-cannabinoids to the market, such as HHC and Delta-8.

Others include Exhale, Delta Effex, and hemp flower sellers such as Industrial Hemp Farms. Overall, the reviews are fairly in-depth, and it seems that, in many cases, the products were reviewed in person by the writer. So there are some cases where personal experience has been shared within the reviews. This makes it a much more credible source for basing your buying decisions.

Apart from the various product-based review-style articles, the website also has long-form and in-depth articles on common questions such as what is Delta-9, what is Delta-10, how they are different from Delta-9, the difference between oils, and tinctures, broad-spectrum vs. full-spectrum and similar. These articles tend to go into great detail about the various research and the known benefits and side-effects of each of the cannabinoids and derivatives that they cover.

This makes the website a very good evergreen resource for new buyers and also for hemp users who are bewildered by the influx of new cannabinoids. Nature Bloom’s articles offer gentle and in-depth guidance on topics such as HHC, THCV, CBG, CBN, Terpenes, and much more. This part of the website is what provides the real value and is worth coming back to. 

The reviews are a great place to start with well-known companies if you are brand new to the space. Experienced users may find the limited choice of brands and variety a little off-putting.

What People Are Saying

There is no comments or feedback section on the website that allows us to judge how the audience is reacting to the reviews and the knowledge articles. However, given the in-depth nature of the non-commercial pieces, it is likely that they get a lot of organics and referred traffic because of the quality and reliability of the information that they seem to provide.

Nature & Bloom Coupons and Discounts

Nature Bloom reviews have special affiliate links that may often lead to special discounted products and offers for the reader. However, the website doesn’t seem to have any dedicated section for special offers and discounts. There are no products offered directly on the website, and it is purely informational.

Nature & Bloom mentions the lack of FDA testing in the products that it reviews and promotes. There is a legal age requirement and a special disclaimer notice in the website footer area.

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