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More Companies are Offering Hemp Fashion

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Hemp was among the first plants humans cultivated and dates back to 770 AD. It has been used as a source for raw materials that can be used in thousands of ways. One of those ways is clothing.

Clothes have been made from hemp instead of cotton, for many years. It is said that hemp clothing is more durable than cotton because the fibers of hemp do not break with washing or wearing. Instead, they get softer with time but do not tear up as cotton does.

The Benefits of Hemp Fiber for Human Health and Environmental Health

Hemp clothing is more ethical and eco-friendly than cotton clothing. Growing hemp is less harmful to the environment, as compared to cotton. The fibers of hemp clothing are chemical free and protect from the harmful UV radiation of the sun. This eliminates a considerable risk of skin cancer, and many other effects of exposure to the UV rays. Hemp clothing also reduces tanning and therefore excellent for summer days.

Hemp is breathable, durable, eco-friendly, pesticide free, and better on the environment to grow. Growing hemp over cotton actually gives back to the earth. In a piece written by Lindsey, for the Plain Jane blog, she provides amazing insight into the environmental benefits of hemp:

Hemp helps detoxify and regenerate the soil where it’s grown. Apart from the natural benefits of falling leaves replenishing the soil with nutrients, nitrogen and oxygen, hemp roots absorb and dissipate the energy of rain and runoff, which protects fertilizer, soil, and keeps seeds in place. More astonishingly, it can also pull nuclear toxins from the soil. 

The minimum benefit of a hemp crop is in its use as a rotation crop. Since hemp stabilises and enriches the soil that farmers grow crops on and provides them with weed-free fields, without cost of herbicides, it has value even if no part of the plant is being harvested and used”.

Hemp Fashion in History

In the piece referenced above, written by Lindsey for the Plain Jane blog, Lindsey wrote:

Derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant, the fibres of hemp are well known for their durability and ruggedness. In their raw state, hemp fibres are yellowish grey to deep brown. Prior to Levis Strauss’ ingenious use of hemp to create his first pair of jeans, hemp was largely used as an industrial fibre, but soon became popular in the textile world after it was used in this first pair of jeans”.

Hemp fashion existed before Levi’s. Here’s some historical insight about hemp fashion in history:

And so, as hemp history to reveal itself, hemp fashion will continue to be found. 

Companies Making Hemp Fashion- Current Day

Indie Getup, list these companies as companies offering hemp fashion:

In Closing

Hemp is better than cotton for so much, when shopping fashion, looking nice while contributing to overall human and environmental health, makes the fashion even nicer. 

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