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melanin minerals

Melanin Minerals, a plant based, CBD infused and non CBD infused skin care company, owned and operated by black women. I love their energy, their passion, and their knowledge of the ingredients used in their products. 

Melanin Minerals is located in Oregon, and their products contain CBD and hemp seed oil, and non-infused products like: lotions, balms, bath bombs, and haircare. Their products are hand-made by the founders, and CBD infused options are made with organic full spectrum CBD oil, from a GMP certified (good manufacturing practice- a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards). 

Learn more about this black woman owned, skin care company below. 

Please tell me about the day that you decided to launch your company/brand?

“So we knew we wanted to own a business, and we knew we wanted to be in the cannabis industry in some capacity, due to a lot of the disparities that exist from outdated, systematically racist policies, no matter what. And one thing we loved, and one thing all our friends knew we loved, were bath bombs. 

I (Jo) would take long baths with the candles lit, and bath bombs and essential oils. So one day we realized we could create a CBD infused bath bomb business that took two things we loved, agriculture and self care, and use that to try to stick my foot in the cannabis industry. The day we realized we wanted to do it, we bought some bath bomb molds from Amazon and started doing research.” 

What was the inspiration beyond the name of the company?

We started the business and we knew we wanted a cool name that had some type of cultural relevance to it. We knew we wanted a company name with the word Melanin in it, but we couldn’t think of anything. After sitting on it for a while, I thought, “What’s something you would want to have on your skin?” And then the word ‘minerals’ came to mind. And then Melanin Minerals was born.” 

Tell me about the Founders of the company and the team that helps make this all happen.

“Melanin Minerals was founded by Johannah Hamilton and Nicole Hams February 1st, 2019. After about 2 months, Johannah took over the company completely and she’s been running it solo since May 2019. Johannah, who often goes by Jo, is the CEO of Melanin Minerals. She is a PhD candidate in the School of Public Policy at Oregon State University. 

She holds her M.S. in Agricultural Economics from Auburn University and a B.S. in Agricultural Economics with a minor in Spanish from the University of Kentucky. Jo loves anime, streaming video games on Twitch, hiking with her husky and traveling. 

In the long run, Johannah would like to raise enough capital to start a farm where she can grow her own plant based ingredients and where BIPOC, at-risk youth, people with disabilities, veterans and other marginalized populations can learn how to farm, become more autonomous and grow their own food.”

What types of ingredients are in your bath bombs? 

“Our bath bombs are all natural with no fragrances, parfums, dyes, or synthetic ingredients. We utilize essential oils for their aromatic and topical benefits. For colors, we use plant based powders or natural mica powders. We love the aesthetics of bath bombs… the fizz, the foam, how beautiful the water turns. But overall we wanted to create something with therapeutic properties, and with over 1000 bath bombs sold, and 250 5-star reviews on our website- we feel that we’ve accomplished that.”

What do you want people to know about your company/brand? 

“Our mission at Melanin Minerals™ is to provide natural, sustainable, and high quality skincare products for those seeking a natural alternative to relieve pain, anxiety, and skin issues. In addition to non-medicated products, we also offer the added holistic benefits of full spectrum, organic hemp derived CBD. We’re a small business, but we’ve donated over $2000 to organizations, initiatives, and events from local to large scale that promote equity, sustainability and social justice.”

To learn more about Melanin Minerals, check them out on Instagram

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