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Marne Madison with YouthHemp.Org

Rumor has it that a while back, being a farmer was something that many aspired to be. Somewhere along the way, this changed; however, with hemp, it seems that people are being called back to the land. Marne Madison, is at the forefront of youth tuning in with the land and learning the importance of the role of growing the country’s food. is where passion meets education.

They are focused on building a community of lifelong learners through agriculture architecture with courses like: plant science, environmental studies, and sustainable structures.

Recently, Founder and Program Director, Marne Madison sponsored me on a two week cannabis/hemp industry tour in Missouri and Oklahoma. Her passion for the plant beams from her pores. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the possibilities that she describes- a world of hemp. Her passion and visions for a new world include this program. 

Hear more about the YouthHemp.Org from Marne Madison.

The Youth Hemp Program mission is set firm in the community; please share the why, the journey into, and the launch of this program.  

“YouthHemp.Org was created to restore the exploration of small farming and agriculture into the community through youth engagement and educational activities. With these efforts we promote commercial agriculture economics to continue the growth of the small farming industry.” 

Please tell me about the Youth Hemp Program founders and instructors.

“YouthHemp.Org was founded by me (Marne Madison), in spring of 2020, with the hope to combat the global food scarcity and other socioeconomic disparities we incur throughout our communities. Our team of instructors range from the industry’s top leaders, professors, and farm owners. With these partnerships we are able to give the youth lifelong tools.” 

Building a community of lifelong learners; please tell me about that statement and intent.

“When we practice sustainable agriculture, we implement the skills necessary to ensure generations are able to protect the environment, replenish the land, and meet their basic needs. Building lifelong learners means to continue the development, knowledge, and skills of small farming and commercial agriculture indefinitely.” 

The program focuses on STEAM Exploration, can you share what this is and means?

Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, Mathematics, are the core focuses of our program. Essentially, concentrating on agriculture initiatives to promote sustainable beings for now and the future. Plant Science, Environmental Studies, Commercial Manufacturing & Production, and Sustainable Structures are our course curriculum. Integrating business and group economics to encourage agricultural studies.”

Is there anything coming up with the Youth Hemp Program that the public should keep eyes on and ears open to?

“We are currently working on building sustainable partnerships with post secondary education institutions to provide support and assistance in our efforts to raise awareness and enrollment in Agriculture programs across the country. We are also accepting donations.” 

To learn more about, please visit their website.

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