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Is there any difference between the CBD Hemp Pre-rolls and the CBD Pre-rolled Joints?

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The cannabis world is full of terms that are not well understood by new users. A good example of this is “joints vs pre-rolls.”

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What is a Joint?

In simple terms, a joint is the result of rolling ground hemp flower (or marijuana) in a rolling paper. Rolling papers are most often sold in little booklets. Some people use rolling machines to help them roll joints, and some people will also use some thin cardboard to create a “retainer” which serves as a mouthpiece.

How to Roll a Joint

Joint rolling takes some skill and practice. No everyone can master this artform, which is why pre-rolls have become so popular. Below is a video demonstrating how you can roll your own joints.

What is a Pre-Roll?

A pre-roll is a more specific term for a joint that has been pre-prepared and is available to be purchased as a ready to smoke pre-rolled joint. Pre-rolls are not generally hand-rolled like a traditional joint. Instead, they come in a pre-made paper tube with a cardboard mouthpiece (AKA “Raw Tube”).

Pre-roll tubes come in different sizes, so you will want to be sure to pay attention to that. Plain Jane’s Eighth Packs contain seven pre-rolled half-gram joints (3.5g or an “eighth” total). However, Plain Jane’s single smokable hemp pre-rolls are a “King Size” pre-roll that contains closer to a gram of ground hemp flower.

What are Blunts?

Another type of rolled cannabis product you will see are blunts. Traditionally, a blunt is made by emptying a cigar (Swisher Sweet) and mixing the tobacco with marijuana before rolling it back up. This is most popular with marijuana users vs hemp smokers, but either type of cannabis can be used to roll a blunt. Also, it is not necessary to mix it with tobacco (that’s just the traditional American blunt).

Plain Jane offers King Palm Blunts that are ready to smoke and loaded with only ground hemp flower (Plain Jane never uses any tobacco in their products). These blunts are made with King Palm pre-roll tubes. They have a great taste and are better than conventional cigar paper, but sometimes it can be tricky to keep the ground hemp flower inside of them.

Rolling Papers and Pre-Roll Cones

There are also different sizes of rolling paper to choose from, with “King Size” being the largest common option. Rolling paper and pre-roll cones also come in different types of paper. There is the cheapest which is usually bleached rice paper, but unbleached rolling papers tend to taste better.

Rolling paper and pre-roll tubes can also be made from hemp paper instead of rice paper. There are even organic unbleached hemp rolling papers and pre-roll cones that are affordable despite being one of the best and highest quality option. You will definitely notice a difference in taste among the different types of rolling papers and pre-roll tubes!

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