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Jack Herer: A Historic Hemp Strain


The Jack Herer strain came about when Sensi Seeds bred a Haze hybrid with a Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk. They used the opportunity to honor Jack Herer, a historic American cannabis rights activist and the author of “The Emperor Wears No Clothes.” The Jack Herer strain of hemp is a bit different than the marijuana version because of the low THC levels in hemp. To make hemp versions of marijuana strains takes some selective breeding and cross-breeding, but it is surprising how similar traits like terpene profiles are maintained.

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Who is Jack Herer

Jack Herer is also known as “The Emperor of Hemp” and is an iconic cannabis legalization activist. His most famous work was “The Emperor Wears No Clothes,” which has been in print for over three decades and has helped argue for the legalization of hemp and cannabis. Herer dedicated his life to cannabis activism and was even the subject of a PBS documentary. He is known for his work around the world and was an eccentric cannabis advocate that ran for president twice. Herer helped raise awareness to the usefulness and sustainability of cannabis and hemp beyond recreational and medicinal uses. He advocated for hemp biofuels, hemp fibers and plastics, and the use of hemp for food.

Jack Herer Hemp Flower Terpene Profile

The Jack Herer hemp strain has a great terpene profile that features bright limonene, soothing linalool, piney terpinolene, myrcene which is thought to help relieve pain, peppery caryophyllene, humulene, nerolidol, and farnesene.

Jack Herer Hemp Flower Potency

At just 9.7% CBD, Jack Herer is not the most potent CBD flower. However, it is low in THC, contains full-spectrum cannabinoids like CBG and CBDV, and will not give users a heady feeling. The CBD potency of a strain is truly just one component of the hemp flower experience. Minor cannabinoids and terpenes will change the experience of a strain, and work together to provide benefits that you would not get from isolated CBD.

Jack Herer is a very user-friendly hemp strain that is great for those who are new to hemp and is a great option for morning or afternoon use that will not produce sedative effects (for most people, individual experiences will always be variable).

Jack Herer Hemp Strain Review

Jack Herer hemp buds have a looser and leafier bud structure and are drier. They are not too loud but have a pleasant scent of pine and citrus. Smoking Jack Herer hemp flower from a glass pipe or joint will not allow you to get the full flavor profile, but if you use a dry herb vape you will find that it starts with lemon and pine flavors which give way to herbal tastes with a slightly peppery finish.

The effects of using Jack Herer hemp flower will be different for each individual because everyone’s endocannabinoid system is tuned slightly differently. From my experience, Jack Herer provided a lovely morning smoke that relaxed my body and mind without making me drowsy. Some user reviews do mention feeling a heady effect, but that was not my personal experience.

For me, there really was no active feeling from this hemp strain but I did have an overall great experience where I felt more balanced and less bothered with everyday aches and pains. Hemp flower is not intended for medical use and individual experiences will vary.

What are Plain Jane Customers Saying?

This was very uplifting.

This was very uplifting. A very clear levelhead. It gave me energy and decreased anxiety. It was a very constant two and a half hour study energy and clear level headedness. I highly recommend it.

Posted by Paul on Oct 5th 2020

Like it’s THC loaded cannabis

Like it’s THC loaded cannabis cousin, this hemp strain of Jack Herer increased my level of focus and creativity but without the usual “stoned” feeling- pretty amazing really. Also, like J.H., it’s a daytime strain; however, I experienced no paranoia as one might with some high THC sativas. Compared the the regular Jack Herer, the hemp strain tastes a little harsh but it’s worth it!

Posted by andrew winner on Sep 14th 2020

Concluding Thoughts

Dismissing Jack Herer hemp flower for its low CBD potency would be a big mistake. This strain has wonderful cannabinoid diversity and a juicy terpene profile that create a full-spectrum experience that does not disappoint. One big example of this entourage effect is beta-caryophyllene which is a terpene that can actually activate cannabinoid receptors. If you are struggling to find a high CBD strain that you like, don’t hesitate to try a lower CBD strain that has more diversity. Cannabinoid potency does not always work in a dose-dependent way so you may be overshooting your “sweet spot.”

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