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J.A.D.E. healing honey

J.A.D.E, Jodeci’s Alternative Daily Enhancements is a company focused on holistic wellness, offering herbal-infused remedies for holistic pain management, healing, recovery, and beauty. Founded by Jodeci Gonzalez, the company is on a mission to: “empower minds of humankind through holistic wellness and alternative medicine.”

J.A.D.E offers a product line that includes: CBD infused healing honey, healing honey spliffwoods, skincare bundles, and hair care products. The products offered are said to be good for those that suffer from: anxiety, stress, and chronic pain. The healing honey is described as: 

J.A.D.E. Healing Honey is formulated with the finest medical grade Manuka honey from New Zealand.  Healing Honey delivers immediate relief from stress and eases anxiety when drizzled into a warm cup of tea or coffee.  Healing Honey also serves as a natural immune boosting aid.  J.A.D.E Healing Honey is infused with high quality CBG and fresh picked ginger. The product is THC free”.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Founder and CEO Jodeci Gonzalez, for the hemp industry leaders column. Check out the interview below.

How did you arrive at plant-based medicine for healing? 

“It was losing loved ones to opioid abuse and creating holistic lifestyle techniques through plant based remedies. It was losing colleagues in their professional medical careers driving me to advocate for cannabis as medicine, an alternative to survive. It was opportunities in herbal practices to decrease the use of life-altering medicine to help enhance our daily routines to living!”

Your product line includes manuka honey infused with Cannabinoids- can you share the whys behind the pair up?

“Healing Honey, a Manuka Honey, and CBG enriched formula is easy on the throat and sweet when consumed. This wound healing compound cleans the skin naturally giving a fresh, clean glow. This rare, plant-based medical-grade honey, combined with the mother cannabinoid of our beautiful ganja plant, gasses up our immune system with its all-natural healing properties. Labeled as a superfood as well as a gut-healing technique, Manuka Honey and CBG paired together have detoxing abilities”.

You offer honey on wraps/papers- can you share more insight on infusing smokables with honey?

Our Healing Honey Bluntly Holistic wraps elevate the way to haze. Taking each puff of medical-grade CBG enriched manuka honey matches an entourage effect soothing the throat as we blaze. Fade daily stress away on cloud nine in an all-natural honey-dipped, exotic, plant-based, hemp coat. A natural honey sealing replaces saliva and bacteria that clog our throat!”

You promote honey for skin health, how does honey help skin?

Manuka Honey has been used for wellness remedies for many centuries. Known for its unique qualities to serve as a natural antibacterial and moisturizer, Manuka Honey provides a holistic approach to skincare routines!” 

To learn more about J.A.D.E, check out their website.

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