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How to Light a Pre-Rolled Joint

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Let’s be real — smoking pre-roll looks hella cool. But as many first-timers would agree, looking cool while smoking a joint doesn’t always come naturally. And even more important than simply looking cool is the proper technique to maximize the hemp’s effects.

If you’re a hemp pre-roll virgin, don’t worry — we’ve all been there. Fortunately for you, puffing like a pro should come easy peasy after reading this quick, complete guide on proper pre-roll lighting and smoking technique.

Why Do We, Smoke Hemp?

Before we get down to the dirty details, it’s important to understand why smoking hemp has become the most commonly preferred method of hemp use. For most users, smoking pre-rolls costs the least while providing the most potent experience.

Things like edibles and topicals might offer some level of comfort and relief. But because of the way that our bodies process and absorb hemp’s chemistry through inhalation, smoking CBD flower allows for better uptake of the various cannabinoids and terpenes in the plant matter.

On top of that, there’s a little thing called decarboxylation. As is, hemp flower contains what we call cannabinoid acids. These naturally occurring compounds essentially function as precursors for actual cannabinoids.

So using hemp flower without heat exposure doesn’t really provide the effects that hemp is widely known for. In order to experience those benefits, users would have to expose the CBD flower to heat first.

Sufficient heat removes the carboxyl group from the cannabinoid acids and replaces it with a carbon molecule. When this happens, the cannabinoids are ‘activated’. These organic compounds then stimulate the cannabinoid receptors throughout the central nervous system to produce effects such as relaxation, calm, and stress relief.

How to Light a Pre-Roll Joint

On to the exciting part. Lighting a pre-roll definitely isn’t rocket science, but there is a specific technique that helps make the most of the joint and the effects you get out of it. To maximize your pre-roll, here are some lighting and smoking tips to keep in mind.

Achieve an Even Burn

You would think that simply placing a flame against the rolled tip of a pre-roll would get it to burn evenly. But that’s not exactly how it works. Carelessly touching the tip to a flame could cause uneven lighting.

When this happens, the pre-roll loses structural integrity and becomes prone to breakage. In some cases, uneven burning could cause unused plant material to fall out and crumble, leaving you with less hemp than indicated on the dose.

To achieve an even burn, place the pre-roll between your fingers and touch the tip to a flame. Roll the pre-roll slowly so that every side of that little end gets burnt. It could take a few minutes for the fire to take, but don’t lose patience.

Another thing is that you shouldn’t engulf a large chunk of the rolled end in the fire. Placing too much of the tip into the flame will burn too much plant matter before you get the chance to smoke it. Focus on simply burning the paper end and nothing more.

Give a Little Blow

The tendency for most people (because cigarette smoking has made it so) is to puff on the joint with the fire touching the tip so it burns more ‘efficiently’. But that actually does the opposite.

Instead of dragging through the lip end, blow gently so that the embers envelop the little burning tip. Short shallow breaths can prevent a rapid burn. You can even direct your blows so as to even out the ember.

As you blow, make sure that you hold the pre-roll upright with the burning end pointing upwards. This prevents the flames from consuming the pre-roll downwards through the shaft and wasting hemp material.

Drag with Caution

There’s a technique to achieving an effective drag. Simply inhaling with the lip end pressed against your mouth won’t give you the effects that hemp promises. Plus, improper toke technique can lead to an irritated throat and a long bout of unnecessary coughing.

Instead, wrap your lips around the pre-rolls end and take short, quick inhales using your diaphragm. For those first few drags, you probably won’t get any smoke in your system since the smoke hasn’t been drawn down through the shaft yet.

As you taste the smoke, take nice, long inhales that bring the plumes straight into your lungs. Avoid keeping the smoke in your mouth and don’t rely on your throat to do the legwork for you.

After each successful drag, take the pre-roll out of your mouth and hold it upright to keep the embers from eating up the material while it isn’t in use. You’ll know you had a successful drag if there was minimal to no coughing and if you continue to release smoke as you exhale through your lungs.

The Importance of Proper Pre-Roll Lighting Technique

Now, this isn’t some self-proclaimed necessity imposed by haughty hemp veterans to embarrass less experienced neophytes. Proper pre-roll smoking and lighting techniques actually help to optimize the experience so you get the most out of each pre-roll.

Keep in mind that pre-rolls are measured. That means they’re fashioned so you achieve a specific dose amount. An improper burn could lead to you losing some of that plant matter. When that happens, you won’t reach the measured dose that the pre-roll offers.

Here are some of the other reasons why it’s important to learn proper pre-roll lighting techniques:

Now obviously, proper lighting technique isn’t just some elitist movement to shame less experienced hemp users. There is sound logic behind all of these tactics, and the ultimate goal is to improve your overall experience with hemp pre-rolls.

Now That’s Lit

Pre-rolls prove to be one of the most effective ways to enjoy all of those lovely cannabinoids and terpenes in hemp. Providing the highest bioavailability, smoking hemp produces the strongest effects versus any other method — bar none.

But reaping the rewards of strong effects relies heavily on how well you’re able to achieve a stable, steady smoke. So make sure to practice these pre-roll lighting techniques to get the most out of your next smoking sesh.

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