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How to Clone Cannabis Plants


A cloned cannabis plant is produced from a trimming of a healthy cannabis plant. Seeds are not required to grow a new cannabis plant. All you need is a healthy cannabis plant, garden shears, and a rooting medium with a tray for the cannabis plant to grow.

What Is a Cannabis Clone?

A cannabis clone is an approximate 6-inch trimming taken by cutting a branch from a cannabis plant. Once cut, the trimming will be put in a root plug. A root plug is a cylinder filled with a potting medium that will help the trimming grow. Once the roots of the trimming are strong enough, the root plug can be removed from the cylinder and placed in a larger pot or in the ground to finish growing.

Why Clone a Cannabis Plant?

It takes about a month for a plant to germinate from a seed. Once germinated, the seedling will grow into a small cannabis plant that will eventually root out and be ready to transport into a pot or the ground. When you clone a plant from a trimming, it significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to grow a new cannabis plant.

Cloning a cannabis plant will also save you time and money. Since you already have a cannabis plant, you don’t need to purchase additional seeds and spend time germinating those seeds to remove the male plants. The clipping from a female mother cannabis plant will clone another female cannabis plant!

There is very little trial and error associated with cloning cannabis plants. The trimming of the mother plant will produce a genetically replicated clone. All fragrances, appearances, and effects will be identical to the mother plant.

What Is a Mother Plant?

A mother plant is a term used to describe the original plant that will provide a clipping. Any plant you take a clipping from will be called the mother plant.

You should only choose a healthy cannabis plant to be a mother. If the mother plant is healthy, the clones will be healthy. If a mother plant is sick, the clones will be sick. You should only clip a clone from a mother plant in a vegetative or dormant stage.

If you cut a clipping when the mother plant is in the flowering stage, the clipping will take much longer to root and may even damage the mother plant. This is why it’s best to choose a vegging mother plant when cutting a clone.

From the mothering plant, you should clip the strongest and healthiest stem of the plant. This will ensure the cannabis clone will root out and grow into a strong, mature plant.

CBD Clones Pricing Guide

You can purchase cloned cannabis plants, but you’ll need to know what to look for when doing so. You will want to know the genetics of the clone you’re purchasing to know what you’re getting. This includes aroma, flavors, and THC content.

You should expect to pay—on average—around $30 per CBD clone. You should find quality clones as low as $20 or as much as $40. We recommend avoiding clones lower than $20 because they likely have poor genetics that won’t produce quality plants. This can be a waste of time and money. 

How to Clone Cannabis Plants

What You Need:

Step One: Choose a Healthy Mother Plant

First, you need a strong, healthy, and sturdy mother cannabis plant. Not just any plant will do. Make sure the mother cannabis plant you choose has always produced healthy, flowering buds. This will guarantee that the cloned cannabis plant produces the same quality buds.

Step Two: Set Up a Rooting Medium and Tray

A rooting medium is the artificial soil mixture you will place the cloned cannabis plant into. Cloned cannabis plants thrive best in artificial soil because the medium is sturdy and not loose. This helps brace the clone and prevents it from falling over while being watered. Potting soil can become loose when watered and cause the clone to fall.

A good root medium for a cloned cannabis plant includes rooting cubes, foam, or rockwool. These mediums provide airflow through the root and will retain water. We recommend using a tray for your clone to establish its roots and make it easy to transfer to a new pot or into the ground when it’s ready.

Step Three: Cut the Clone From the Mother Plant

Once you’ve chosen your mother plant and set up your root medium, it’s time to make your cut! Cut the clone off the mother plant using scissors or gardening shears. You should choose a sturdy and healthy branch of the mother plant to cut. Make your cut above the node on the mother plant.

After you have cut the clone, cut a 45-degree angle below the bottom node of the branch. This directional cut will cause the clone to grow faster in the root medium. Remove all excess leaves near the bottom of the clone to help it absorb nutrients after it is placed in the medium.

Step Four: Place the Clone Into the Root Medium

Immediately after making your 45-degree cut on the clone, you will need to place it into the root medium and tray. As we mentioned above, make sure there are no excess leaves near the bottom of the clone so that the clone can absorb all the nutrients from the medium.

After you have placed the clone into the root medium, you will need to water the root medium. You can also use a spray bottle to spray the leaves of the clone to imitate humidity. The clone should stay in the root medium for approximately 3 to 14 days before it is ready to transfer to a new location.

Step Five: Transplant the Clone

You will know that your clone is ready to transplant when you can see the white roots are between one to two inches long. This can happen as early as three days or longer than 14 days—with 3 to 14 days being the average.

The location where you’re transplanting the clone will need to be prepared. If you’re using a pot, you will need to add soil to the pot and then water the soil to make the soil sturdy for the new plant.

If you’re planting the clone in the ground, dig a hole large enough to accommodate the plant and the potting soil, and then water the soil to make it sturdy.

Once the water has been absorbed into the soil, dig a hole approximately one two two inches deep to bury all of the roots of the clone. Cover the roots with the soil from the hole and gently pack it around the clone to keep it in place.

Things to Remember When Cloning Cannabis Plants

Final Thoughts

Cloning a cannabis plant is a great way to save time and money to produce more cannabis plants. Taking a cutting from a healthy female cannabis plant will guarantee the cannabis clone will have the same features as the mother plant. It only takes a few weeks and very few materials to create a new and healthy cloned cannabis plant.

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