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House of Weird Perfection

house of weird perfection

House of Weird Perfection is a multimedia company specializing in 3D printing, wood/acrylic laser cutting and engraving, embroidery, stickers, hats, and original apparel. The idea of House of Weird Perfection was created over the road while the husband and wife duo were trucking in 2016. Learn more about them below. 

Please tell me about House of Weird Perfection; birth, how the name was decided on, and creations.

“We wanted a name to express “us”. At first it was Weird Perfection. I am a perfectionist and hubby is weird lol, so that’s how we came up with the name and we added House to Weird Perfection when we stopped trucking and became stationary. We added House because when you think about a house, you know that there are different rooms so it coincides with our multi-media business(H.O.W.P.) 

Within our multi-media business our creativity pulls us to these different rooms that we have created in the house, which are laser printing, engraving and Veoshi tha Shinobi Studios. Other rooms soon to open are Home Decor, 3D Printing, Sewing/Embroidery, Rugs and Cruelty Free Kicks. We are dropping the website soon, within the next couple of weeks and we will be selling acrylic/wood/fabric/3D jewelry, sneaker lace charms, acrylic/wood pins and buttons to start.”

Please tell me about the owners: pre cannabis background, how a biz in cannabis came about, and about Cheryl graduating from CSC.

“Before we got into the cannabis industry, we were in the trucking industry, living on the road in our semi-truck. I (Cheryl) started studying herbs and enrolled in the Chestnut School Of Herbal Medicine. It wasn’t until Vernon saw an article written by Veronica Castillo on the Cleveland School Of Cannabis, that we knew we would be close to getting into the cannabis industry because the school is located in my Hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. Vernon also saw a post in a canna FB group from Nurse Erika and saw that she is affiliated with CSC and told me that I should reach out. Through her CannaED company, she was offering a cooking w/cannabis(cbd) class. I reached out to her and found out she is a teacher at the school! I took her class and inquired about the school which led me to enrolling at CSC January 2021. Now I have 2 certificates-Cannabis Horticulture and Industrial Hemp/CBD as of June 18, 2021.”

What are Cheryl’s future plans specific to the completion of the program?

“My future plans are to start a Consulting Firm where I will teach individuals how to grow cannabis, other herbs, and vegetables using an unpopular method. My plan for Hemp is to become a Hemp Processing Service Provider for farms. All under the umbrella of Herbal Lioness LLC.”

House of Weird Perfection is also doing some cannabis industry media, can you share more about this?

“My(Vernon) future plans are to document and bring attention to small creative business owners through photography/videography under, “Veoshi Tha Shinobi Studios”. I’ve already started with my wife and her journey with Herbal Lioness LLC. I have pics in Skunk, Herbage magazines and most importantly on Veronica Castillo’s website,” 

It looks like relocation is on the horizon for you all, can you share some insight into this?

“Here in Ohio, we are limited in what we can do. The law does not permit patients or patient caregivers to “Home Grow”. As a patient myself, I feel that it is important for us to have that option to grow our own medicine. Everyone doesn’t want to buy from dispensaries. There are also healing properties in growing and nurturing the plant (any plant for that matter). In our opinion, the state of Ohio does not care about the well being of the patients. They just want to benefit from the cannabis industry! So that’s our que to move to a legal medical and adult-use state with “Home Grow” for more opportunities. Michigan, here we come!!”

To learn more about House of Weird Perfection, click here

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