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Hemp Straws

hemp straws

Since the legalization of hemp in 2018, hemp has gone mainstream as heck! This column explores all those ways with each piece focused on a hemp product. This one is dedicated to hemp straws.

What are Hemp Straws

The easy answer is, plastic free straws made from hemp. The more detailed answer comes from What is Hemp (.com):

Hemp drinking straws are plant-based and fully biodegradable. They are made from hemp fiber which is an extract of hemp stalks. The raw material is organic, therefore, hemp straws are sustainable. The straws are a good alternative to conventional plastic.

Hemp straws last as long as plastic straws in the beverage and are much better for the environment. They feel the same as well, not like paper straws (which are still better than plastic straws) that start to soften up mid way into finishing a beverage.

The Benefits of Hemp Straws vs. Plastic Straws

Leaf Buyer says: “Save the turtles!” and for good reason. Let’s dive into some facts about plastic from Leaf Buyer. Did you know that:

Now, let’s dive into hemp facts. Were you aware that:

Reasons to Switch to Hemp Plastics

Many reasons to switch from plastic to hemp plastic have been documented above; however, let’s explore a few more reasons:

Final Thoughts

Many don’t believe in climate change and global warming. Many don’t believe that plastic is causing destruction. Many don’t care about the animals that are being impacted by plastic, and all of this is usually because they haven’t seen the research.

I’ll leave you all research on plastics and hemp plastics:

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