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The History of Hemp OG Kush

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Kush Hemp Flower

Widely regarded as OG Kush, the “Original Gangster” Kush is a very popular and lucrative cannabis indica strain. According to researchers, the roots of OG Kush emanates from the landrace plants, which are common in Afghanistan, Northern Pakistan and North-Western India around the 1900s. The name of this unique cannabis breed comes from the Hindu Kush mountain range in Asia. But how did this classic marijuana strain become a CBD-rich hemp OG Kush?

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What is OG Kush?

Prior to its discovery in Asia as early as the 1900s, the Hindu Kush or the OG Kush arrived the sure of the United States around the year 1970. It is now a mainstay in the US with a wide array of persons or dispensaries now growing the hemp OG Kush flower to date.

Ever since the legalization of cannabis for medical and or recreational purposes, the cannabis industry has witnessed a significant boost in its activities and profits. While there exists a wide array of strains, the OG Kush is widely regarded as the biggest name in the cannabis business and has given rise to over 90 hybrid strains.

The History of OG Kush

OG Kush gets it’s title “Original Gangster” from its California roots. Truly, it was first cultivated in Florida in the 1990’s, but later the rights to the genetics were sold and it became a staple of the West Coast cannabis market. At this time, California Prop 215 was new and the state was among the first in the nation to buck federal cannabis prohibition and legalize cannabis sale and cultivation.

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Where Hemp OG Kush Comes From

When it comes to Hemp OG Kush Flower, this strain may actually have more parent genetic involved than are known. This is because some cannabis breeders need to stabilize seeds and to do so may need to breed other strains in before breeding out the OG traits again.

Once genetic traits are stabilized, growers generally prefer to propagate the strain by cloning to make sure those traits stay stable and are not lost. CBD Kush is another hemp strain that comes from marijuana ancestors and has gone through this process.

OG Kush phenotypes make up a significant number of hybrid strains. The popularity, market value, and the high demand for this strain is no secret. OG Kush offspring are some of the most popular dispensary options and its genetics and terpenes are even making their way into hemp (with the high THC bred out).

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