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Hemp Flower vs CBD Flower

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Due diligence makes up a major part of the purchasing process. Before buying anything, you need to make sure that you fully understand all of the dirty details. This just prevents the need for chargebacks, refunds, and exchanges that could take time, effort, and money.

Among hemp consumers, due diligence can take hours or even days. With so many options available (and dozens of irresponsible vendors in between), buyers need to make a note of every single detail. Some even go as far as nomenclature, looking into possible differences between hemp flower vs CBD flower.

Hemp Flower vs CBD Flower

You’ll notice how some vendors use the term ‘hemp flower’ to pertain to their products while others use ‘CBD flower’. This change in naming has caused some confusion, especially among buyers who make a note of every possible detail.

For the record CBD flower and hemp flower are exactly the same things. Referring to the same product, these names are used interchangeably for a number of reasons that benefit vendors who operate online.

What is Hemp Flower?

To better understand how and why these two names came about, it’s important to know what hemp is in the first place. According to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp is any part of the Cannabis sativa L. plant containing 0.3% THC or less.

Researchers pinpointed tetrahydrocannabinol or THC as the single organic compound in cannabis that causes the experience of a high. Since hemp contains just trace amounts of THC, it can’t produce the same mind-altering effects that marijuana does.

In fact, both marijuana and hemp come from exactly the same plant. The sole distinction between the two is the fact that hemp contains far less THC. Marijuana on the other hand can boast THC levels as much as 40% of its entire plant chemistry.

The hemp flower essentially pertains to the buds of the hemp plant. Cultivated, dried, and cured, these nugs come from mature hemp plants and contain over a hundred different kinds of cannabinoids that give the herb its distinct effects.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol or CBD is just one of the many hundreds of cannabinoids found in hemp. This family of organic compounds exists solely in hemp and marijuana. Researchers discovered that these compounds interact with unique cannabinoid receptors in the central nervous system.

While ratios change, hemp samples can contain up to 20% CBD. When introduced into the body, cannabinoids like CBD produce effects such as (but are not limited to) relaxation, clarity, physical comfort, and social stimulation.

Because it is the most prolific cannabinoid in hemp, CBD gained quite the attention during those first few years after hemp was legalized. Today, however, hemp enthusiasts and experts recognize a number of other beneficial cannabinoids that produce significant benefits despite their limited concentrations.

How Much CBD is in Hemp?

Differences in growing environments and in cultivation techniques result in changes in hemp plant chemistry. That means not all hemp will have the same CBD content. While some farmers report CBD concentrations as high as 20%, the average sits somewhere between 12% and 15%.

It’s important to read the lab reports to make sure you’re getting hemp flowers with sufficient CBD content to match your needs and threshold. You might also want to consider the specific kind of CBD product you’re buying.

CBD hemp flower offers the highest bioavailability of CBD across all other product forms. That means if the flower contains 15% CBD, you’ll get only about a hair less than that. Edibles — although convenient — surrender some of their CBD content to the process of digestion.

Why Change Names?

If hemp flower and CBD flower pertain to exactly the same thing, why do vendors bother with interchanging these names? It’s simple — search engine optimization. Remember that vendors need to compete with literally hundreds of other names in the business.

Most of these companies operate online, and they get their patronage mainly from search engine activity. When their websites match keywords punched in during an internet search, it becomes easier to appear on the first page of web results.

That said, vendors don’t really dictate what keywords they need to use. Instead, buyers are the ones keying into the terms.

And because a bunch of buyers has searched for terms like ‘hemp flower’, ‘CBD flower’, and even ‘CBD hemp flower’, vendors have no choice but to use these phrases to increase their chances of being found online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does CBD flower contain only CBD? No. Some people think that products labeled ‘CBD flower’ or ‘CBD hemp flower’ contains only CBD and no other cannabinoids. That’s simply not true. While farmers can practice techniques to tweak plant chemistry, they can’t entirely eliminate naturally occurring compounds.

With that in mind, the CBD flower contains every other cannabinoid you would expect from hemp. These products also contain terpenes and another valuable organic compound that makes it the unique herb that it is.

Does CBD flower have THC? Yes, it does. Remember, cultivation techniques help farmers to minimize THC expression. But as previously stated, the technology required to completely delete THC from hemp’s chemistry still doesn’t exist.

There are some labs trying to develop certain strains that don’t contain any THC at all, but these products presently remain experimental. That said, expect any hemp flower or CBD flower you purchase to contain 0.3% THC or less.

What makes hemp flower different from marijuana? Despite coming from exactly the same plant, hemp and marijuana are considered entirely different agricultural commodities. That’s all because of their THC content.

According to the law, any part of the Cannabis sativa L. plant containing 0.3% THC or less falls into the hemp category. Anything more than that qualifies the sample as marijuana, and may be controlled or entirely illegal in your area.

One and the Same

Good on you for taking the time to perform due diligence before you make a purchase. But while hemp flower and CBD flower seem to point to different things, these products actually pertain to exactly the same herb.

For the sake of competing with other web-based vendors, many companies have started using a variety of terms to appear throughout search results. And while this might work in their favor in terms of popularity, it might stir confusion among some buyers.

Fortunately for you, you can walk away with all the facts thanks to your taking the time to read this complete guide.

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