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Hemmfy – A Complete Brand Review

Hemmfy website

Hemmfy is an online marketplace offering an extensive selection of CBD and hemp products. It claims to be the largest in the country. Unlike most of its competitors, Hemmfy does not produce its own products and instead carries products from different brands. Its one-stop shop includes 455 brands, all deemed to be high-quality and safe to use. Popular brands it carries include Hempganna, DAT Delta 8, Koi, Green Roads CBD Oils, and ERTH Hemp.

Hemmfy’s business model has given it a unique advantage of offering hemp-derived products in all forms. Its CBD catalog includes oils, edibles, topical creams, vapes, supplements, and pet products. Apart from CBD, it also offers products with delta-8 THC, another cannabinoid that some prefer due to its strength. Smokable hemp like cigarettes, pre-rolls, and flowers are also available.

Given its vast product selection, Hemmfy has made sure that customers will have an easy shopping experience on its website. You can browse by product type, brand, price, or extract type. Aside from regular items, Hemmfy constantly introduces new products. It has a dedicated New Arrivals section, which CBD advocates will appreciate. 

Top Products

With hundreds of products sold by Hemmfy, customers can expect a lengthy list of best-sellers as well. Although its website showcases a curated list of its top products, the collection is still quite overwhelming. 

Based on product reviews from the website and the product’s tendency to sell out quickly, these are Hemmfy’s best-selling products per category. 


Delta-8 THC

For a more comprehensive list of top products, browse the Best Seller section on the Hemmfy website. It’s best to narrow down the best-seller recommendations based on your preference. The website has filters by product rating, spectrum, product type, strength, brand, size, and price.

What People Are Saying

Hemmfy has built a name as a reliable source of CBD, THC, and hemp products, supported by thousands of product reviews. The online seller boasts more than 13,000 verified reviews on its website. While there are a few customer complaints on dubious or ineffective products, most reviews are highly favorable. At least 100 product reviews have a 5-star rating, with less than 10 reviews falling below 4 stars.

Outside its official marketplace, several unbiased review sites also rave about the company’s products, customer service, and overall experience. 

Pricing, Coupons, and Discounts

Another plus for customers is the company’s competitive pricing. Because of its large assortment of partner brands, you can find products ranging from affordable to premium-priced. On top of this, Hemmfy is also known for its generous discounts and price promos. 

Upon entering its website, customers are enticed with a 15% discount on their first purchase. Seasonal sales also happen throughout the year, offering even bigger price-offs. Another perk is the Hemmfy loyalty program. After signing up through the website, customers can enjoy exclusive benefits like earning points through purchases or referrals. Points can then be used to claim special prizes, discounts, and freebies.

Shipping and Return Policy

Given that Hemmfy does not own any of its products, all its orders are delivered directly by its partner brands or authorized distributors. This is something customers must take into account, as delivery time could vary depending on your order. 

As a policy, Hemmfy does not generally accept returns unless the order is broken, or the wrong item was received. In such cases, the customer has two weeks to notify the company.

A good feature offered by Hemmfy is its shipping insurance. It has a partnership with Route, a company dedicated to protecting and tracking deliveries. Upon check out, customers have an option to select the Route+ package protection for an additional cost. This will allow you to replace your item or ask for a reimbursement in cases of broken, stolen, or lost packages. 

All products carried by Hemmfy are registered and legal to sell. Hemmfy assures its customers that its partner brands are safe to use and transparent with their product ingredients and effects. This is further emphasized in the detailed product specifications provided on the website. All products contain no more than 0.3% THC as mandated by the government. 

Apart from product compliance, its website also contains all the proper safety measures and disclaimers on product usage and purchases. As an additional measure, the website requires an age verification before proceeding. Customers must be aged 21 and above to browse the website.

In Summary

Hemmfy is a comprehensive and convenient source of CBD and hemp-based products in the U.S. Its online marketplace offers a wide assortment of products catering to all kinds of customers and their preferences. While it may take some time and effort to shop through the website, you are bound to find a cannabis product suitable for you. 

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