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Hawaiian Hemp Flower: Cat’s Meow

cat's meow hawaiian cannabis

Hawaiian hemp is off to a rough start, so it is hard to find Hawaiian hemp flower for sale. Hemp Industry Daily reports that in 2019, 30 hemp cultivation permits were granted, but about 50% of the Hawaiian hemp harvest had to be destroyed because it did not meet the 0.3% THC limit imposed by Hawaiian hemp laws.

Hemp growers in Hawaii must follow the Hawaiian hemp cultivation program’s rules and can plant approved hemp strains. There are very very few hemp strains that can actually comply with the 0.3% THC limit, which is why many states are banning smokable hemp flower (Texas, Indiana, Louisiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, and others).

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Challenges and Benefits of Hawaiian Hemp Strains

The Cat’s Meow Hemp Strain

The Cat’s Meow hemp strain is a limited offering from Plain Jane. This Hawaiian-grown hemp flower has a skunky/pungent, earthy, and fruity flavor profile. Its buds exhibit sativa-like growth, bearing several small light green hemp buds.

Cat’s Meow hemp flower is rich in the terpenes myrcene, beta-caryophyllene, and alpha-humulene, and contains less than 0.3% delta-9 THC (0.63% TOTAL THC) with approximately 15% total CBD.

The genetic origins of the Cat’s Meow Hawaiian hemp flower are not well known. is suspected that the strain is a hybrid of Wild Thai x Sage Kush x Cat Piss.

Plain Jane Cat’s Meow Strain Reviews

What are Plain Jane customers saying on TrustPilot about the Cat’s Meow Hawaiian Hemp Flower?

Very Groovy
Posted by Brett on Aug 10th 2020
Really groovy stuff! Smoked just one mega hit out of a little chillum and had a great couple of hours. Helps you focus and lifts your mood. Also the flower was pretty dank.

I really really liked this
Posted by Phillip Barbie on Aug 8th 2020
I really really liked this strain. It’s flipping delishies and makes happy helmet happen! But the only problem is it is too moist (eww I said moist) and so not good for conduction vapes which is my preferred method. A little dryer and this would be my fave!

I like the flavor, good
Posted by Keyanna Hancock on Aug 3rd 2020
I like the flavor, good burn. Easy on the throat.

Relieved Anxiety
Posted by Samantha Rose on Aug 6th 2020
I usually buy pre-rolls but I heard about Cat’s Meow and had to try it. The flower was absolutely beautiful and when smoked tasted great! It definitely provided me a sense of relief from my anxiety. This is really nice bud. Would love to buy in a cigarette pack or pre-roll!

Please note that Plain Jane hemp flower is not intended for medicinal use and has not been evaluated by the FDA for efficacy or safety. Reviewer’s experiences reflect their own unique observations and should not be taken as a medical claim!

Other Hawaiian Hemp Strains

Hawaiian Hemp strains can be obtained by growers from the Hawaii Department of Agriculture’s Seed Development Program. HDOA offers five different strains of hemp:

Hawaiian hemp farmer can also cultivate the following hemp strains imported from approved suppliers in the continental US (for a full and complete list view the HDOA website):

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