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Good Weed vs Bad Weed

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How do you tell the difference between Good Weed and Bad Weed?

Cannabis comes in different qualities. Many dispensaries have different price points for top-shelf weed compared to more common varieties. When it comes to smoking good weed vs bad weed, there are a few factors to keep in mind. There are also other factors when comparing hemp flower options specifically.

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1. Keep an Eye on the Color

When it comes to identifying good weed from bad, color is key. This is so because; good cannabis is greenish in nature and spiced with flecks of orange or purple. Bad weed, on the other hand, is brownish.

2. Good Weed vs Bad Weed: Smell Matters

A very easy way to detect the good weed from the bad weed lies in the smell of the product (marijuana). Good weed is fresh and smells fresh while bad weed might smell moldy and stale. In fact, the smell is so important budtenders encourage consumers to look closely and smell the weed they are buying.

3. Taste is Key

The taste of good weed vs bad weed depends on the strain you are smoking. Overall, the taste should be fresh and clean. Notes of flavors from the strain’s main terpenes may give it a sweet, citrus, fruity, or earthy flavor. If you notice a chemical-like taste it is likely because the nutrients were not flushed out well before harvest.

4. Clean Burning

The quality and texture of cannabis are some of the points that differentiate the good weed vs bad weed. Weed needs to be cured after harvest to stabilize its moisture content and allow cannabinoids to slightly decarboxylate. The final bud should be firm but somewhat moist. When weed is properly flushed and cured it will burn clean and leave behind white ash.

5. Good Weed vs Bad Weed: Well-Trimmed

Well-trimmed good weed vs bad weed doesn’t have extra leaves and stems that take up weight. The nugs are of a good size and there are not too many small crumbles of flower (shake). Trimming doesn’t just make your weed look better and taste better, it also means you aren’t paying extra for parts of the plant that do not contain cannabinoids.

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