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Good Hemp Vs Bad Hemp: 7 Tips to Identify Good Hemp

good hemp vs bad hemp

Hemp products come in different qualities. However, these products may look or seem, consumers should be aware of the fact that there are both good hemp products and bad hemp products on the market. With that said, below are some of the tips to identify the good hemp from the bad hemp.

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How to Tell Good Hemp From Bad Hemp

1. Keep An Eye On The Color

When it comes to identifying good hemp from bad, color is key. Hemp, like all cannabis, comes in a variety of colors. Good hemp will not be any particular color- it may be light green, dark green, have purple, or more earthy color. However, bad hemp will have muddy coloration and be browner. Hemp isn’t going to look just like the professional picture on a website. But it should look something like other harvests of the same strain.

2. Smell Matters

A very easy way to detect the good hemp from the bad hemp lies in the smell of the product. Good hemp is fresh and smells fresh while bad hemp lacks those qualities. Like color, normal hemp strain smells are highly variable. Some strains that have a naturally more musky, gassy, or pungent profile can make the strain hard to judge based on smell.

3. Taste is Key

This is a tricky one considering the taste of cannabis may mean nothing especially for first-time smokers, unlike the more experienced marijuana users or smokers. Good cannabis looks and tastes fresh and if your cannabis lacks these attributes, it isn’t good for consumption.

4. That Feel Good Factor

The quality and texture of cannabis are some of the points that differentiate the good from the bad hemp. The process of drying and curing hemp after it is harvested is very important. Hemp flower needs drying but should not be overly dry and crumble to a powder. Hemp flower that has been dried and cured properly will be a little dry and a little sticky.

5. The Orange Hairs 

Mature hemp possesses some beautifully colored orange hairs. These hairs are called pistols, and their orange color (in most strains) is a sign that the hemp flower is ripe for harvest.

6. Well-Trimmed

Most good hemp is trimmed well to showcase the beautiful flower and minimize the presence of leaves. Some strains, especially those with naturally smaller buds typical of Cannabis sativa varieties, do normally have more sugar leaves (small leaves) present even when the hemp bud is well-trimmed. The flower shape and size ultimately determine what the standard appearance is for the strain.

7. Impurities

Hemp needs to be tested to ensure that it is free of pesticides and heavy metals. It should also have potency testing data. Some hemp companies also provide terpene testing for their hemp strains. Always be sure to check the lab results for the hemp strain, and be sure that they correspond to the specific batch you are purchasing.

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