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Goliath Hemp Strain Review


Looking for a strain that’s big on relaxation? Your search just might end here. The Goliath hemp strain brings a mammoth portion of calm and tranquility that puts stress, apprehension, and all of their troops to rest. This formidable strain works swiftly and effortlessly to subdue the system and banish any sense of discomfort.

In the flavor department, however, Goliath doesn’t play with niceties. Profound, hard-hitting, and enveloped in a cloud of bitterness, the strain punches the back of the throat with offensive, skunky flavor before subduing your system into a stuporous state.

Goliath Hemp Strain Overview

This indica-biased strain stays true to the blueprint of subduing cultivars. The strain delivers profoundly soothing benefits that might seem one-dimensional for the picky millennials of today. But even then, its straightforward flavor profile and focused effects ring well with veterans and purists who appreciate uncomplicated cultivars.

The reason for Goliath’s predictable and perhaps linear profile is its genetics. The strain originates from just a single parent, which means the stuff has been around for decades — maybe longer. 

Without any strain combinations contributing to its chemistry, Goliath maintains a relatively simplistic presence that does away with the complicated hybrid effects that many other strains bank on for popularity and attention.

Goliath Hemp Strain Genetics

Most hemp strains combine two (or even more) parent strains to produce their unique cannabinoid and terpene profiles. But Goliath takes a different route. This relaxation juggernaut boasts a single-parent lineage. And its singular ancestor is a landrace, no less.

Directly descended from the African landrace, Goliath offers effects that reflect what a true, blue, all-natural, untampered hemp strain should be like. Interestingly, however, Goliath represents an interesting subtype of the African lineage.

Native to the plains of Africa, the African landrace touts powerful effects that manifest hemp’s true strength. The strain grows wild without intervention from farmers and boasts profoundly stimulating effects that awaken both mind and body.

Often used as a pre-workout strain, the African landrace lends its user a double portion of physical vigor for maximum performance and output. It also stimulates the mind, inspiring a sense of productivity and motivation.

In terms of flavor, the African landrace doesn’t differ too much from its Goliath descendant. Pungent, skunky, and bitter, this strain hits the back of the throat with supreme power and force, knocking out low tolerance users with its offensive flavor and aroma.

Goliath Hemp Strain Effects

Before we get down to the effects, it’s important to point out that not everyone gets the same experience out of a hemp strain. Variations in product quality can cause changes in the benefits of the strain.

On top of that, differences in body chemistry and tolerance can tweak your body’s reaction to Goliath. So what one person reports after a dose of Goliath might not perfectly encapsulate your own experience.

Nevertheless, according to most anecdotal reports, Goliath most typically delivers any combination of the following benefits:

Unless taken in excess, Goliath won’t necessarily cradle you off into a sleepy disposition. If anything, the strain offers a more relaxed blend of effects that work to soothe your mind and body so you can sit in perfect contentment and calm.

If you were hoping to sleep peacefully with the help of the Goliath hemp strain, it’s ideal that you crank up your dose by a few grams to induce the stuporous effects that Goliath can bring.

But if you’re using Goliath for the first time, see to it that you start off with a low dose to see your body’s reaction. If you perceive that your body takes well to the strain, then you can start gradually increasing your dose to reach your therapeutic threshold.

Goliath Hemp Strain Flavor and Aroma

If we’re being honest, the Goliath strain isn’t much to look at. Dull and brown, the dead colors of the Goliath variety might immediately rule it out as an option for hip hemp users who place a high estimate on appearances.

But that’s not what Goliath is all about. Since it’s the direct descendant of a landrace, Goliath doesn’t possess the dynamic, altered genetics that other strains use in order to upgrade their bag appeal.

That means Goliath’s appearances reflect what true, unadulterated hemp should look like — exactly as nature meant it to be. Plus, Goliath’s appeal has little to do with its look, and more to do with its aroma.

If you look beyond appearances and crack open a jar of Goliath, you’re likely to get hit with a pow of skunky odor. The overwhelming scent can easily saturate an enclosed space, assaulting your senses with its hard-hitting overtones.

Combining skunk, petrol, and wood into one, deeply offensive odor, Goliath proves that chemistry doesn’t only shine through appearance, but through fragrance as well. So much so that low tolerance users might find themselves physically withdrawing fr that initial Goliath punch.

For those who manage to move past both appearances and odor, Goliath delivers a tough, sucker punch of smoke that scrapes heavily against the soft tissues of the throat. The aggressive plumes sharply abuse the walls of your windpipe, causing a violent coughing fit in those who might not have too much experience with smoke.

Fortunately, Goliath’s effects may start to manifest within just 15 minutes of that first inhale. So while the initial encounter might not feel too calming, its subduing, Indica-dominant effects aren’t too far behind.

Who Needs Goliath Hemp Strain?

Because of its soothing, calming effects, Goliath finds purpose as a wind-down strain after a long tiring day. Many of those who patronize the cultivar use it as a day’s end staple, helping to relax both mind and body with its lasting effects.

Keep in mind though that Goliath’s flavor and aroma might not work too well for those with a low tolerance for deep bitterness and skunk. For the most part, Goliath’s strong terpene profile gets better reception from users with more extensive hemp smoking experience.

As Mother Nature Intended

Goliath does away with all the aesthetics and the appealing exteriors to show you what real hemp is all about. As close to nature as possible, this cultivar has earned a reputation as a true, blue hemp variety that reflects what mother nature intended in the first place.

Powerful, calming, and straightforward, Goliath offers a hemp experience that takes you as close to hemp’s original blueprint as possible.

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