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Goat Ridge Hemp Vendor Review

Goat Ridge Hemp review

Goat Ridge Hemp is a family-owned and run outdoor hemp farm based in Vershire, Vermont. It is run by the founding couple, Andrew and Devan, who were high-school sweethearts and originally from Ohio.

They moved to Vermont in search of a life more aligned with their ideals after living and raising a child in Virginia for a while. Their business ethos is based on their mission to be sustainable, be their own bosses, and raise a family. Thus, they put their love for each other into the farm they run.

The farm is located on a ridge in Vershire and was originally a horse farm. So the green pastures that preceded the verdant hemp fields had never been cultivated. Since the land was only used for grazing the horses, the area has never seen any pesticides or chemical fertilizers. This made the parcel of land ideal for what the couple had in mind.

This direct farm-to-consumer business sells only what they grow and produce in-house. The full-spectrum oil offered by the company is produced by a VT licensed facility in Battleboro, and it is the only bit of outsourcing done by the farm. The oil is then brought back to the farm, bottled by hand, and shipped to the customers.

The direct-to-customer approach, selling only their own produce, and maintaining purely organic growing practices are the key features of the Goat Ridge Hemp farm and company.

Top Products from Goat Ridge Hemp

The Goat Ridge Hemp online shop has a small, boutique-style catalog that only sells the flowers produced on the farm and a few derivative products made from those flowers.

As a hemp farm, its primary products are CBD hemp flowers. One interesting feature of the shop is the availability of untrimmed flowers, which is a rarity in the hemp market. Almost all the buds available online and in physical stores are trimmed.

This helps with curing and visual appeal, plus it allows the seller to sell the trim separately because they also have CBD, terpenes, and other cannabinoids.

The farm produces only a few strains at a time, and this seems to be limited to Super Sour Space Candy, Sour Special Sauce, and Sour Lifter. All three strains are available in regular and untrimmed variations.

Also available are sampler packs in 14g and 7g options. Buyers with a large requirement will also be happy with the opportunity to buy 1lb of untrimmed flower, which is a limited edition offer.

The next highlight of the shop is the full spectrum hemp CBD oil tincture that comes in two concentrations – 1500mg and 750mg. Based on coconut-derived MCT oil, it is one of the most popular products from the farm after the flowers.

The extraction process uses ethanol and is a cold method that preserves all the essential features of the hemp flower, including all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Ethanol extraction also does away with the possibility of contamination from toxic industrial solvents that are often used for extraction.

There are only two edibles in the shop, and both are for dogs and other pets. These CBD pet treats are made with all-natural ingredients like rye flour and natural mineral-based coloring. They come in two flavors – ginger honey and maple turmeric.

There is also a CBD face cream and CBD salve. The face cream is infused with a combination of hemp and Chaga. The CBD salve comes in two options – St. John’s Wort and Lavender and Arnica. These are for topical use and are meant for use as pain relief and muscle relaxants.

The hemp extract is made from the farm’s Sour Lifter hemp.

What People Are Saying

Goat Ridge Hemp has an active social media presence and a dedicated following of customers. This has helped them build a reputation for the quality and honesty that they bring to the table. The reviews on the websites are few but almost all positive. There are reviews on their social media accounts as well.

Customers say they love the taste, aroma, and effects of the products, especially the flowers. The pet treats get a lot of praise from animal lovers as it calms the animals and helps them deal with stressors like bad weather and separation.

The flowers have independent reviews on third-party platforms like Youtube, and they are all mostly positive. The bud structure, aromatic presence, and potency are all areas where the farm gets a lot praise.

Goat Ridge Hemp Coupons and Discounts

The website has sporadic offers based on harvests and stock clearance cycles. So visitors and followers can always expect to find special offers on the already reasonably priced items. The farm also supplies its products to various physical retail outlets within Vermont, so discounts may be available at those locations.

Goat Ridge Hemp cultivates and sells only legal CBD hemp with less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC. They are a licensed grower and tax registered in Vermont. All products come with associated certificates of analysis from third-party labs.

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