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Girl Scout Cookies Hemp Flower Review


Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) is one of the most famous hybrid marijuana strains on the planet. It is no surprise that we now have a hemp version of GSC, just like there are hemp versions of OG Kush, Durban Poison, Sour Diesel, and many other varieties that were originally high in THC instead of CBD. Whether you have tried the marijuana version of GSC or are just interested in the hemp version, here is some information to consider when shopping for Plain Jane Girl Scout Cookies Hemp Flower.

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Cookies Genetics

The genetics of the Girl Scout Cookies (aka Cookies or GSC) strain is shrouded in mystery and misdirection. While Leafly will tell you it is a cross of Durban Poison and OG Kush, others claim heritage from Granddaddy Purple and/or Cherry Pie Kush. In an interview with CannabisNow, GSC breeder Jigga explained that he has purposefully put out different rumors about the genetics of GSC in order to prevent copy cats.

Despite this effort, there have been many copies where people re-breed the strain in an attempt to circumvent the cost of getting legitimate genetic and the limited access that is allowed to genetics. Likewise, the origin of the Girl Scout Cookies hemp strain is also unknown. It could be a hybrid of Cookies with an unknown hemp strain. Or, it could be a special variety called a phenotype (or both). The line between weed vs hemp can be very difficult to define and involves many variables!

The GSC Strain Name

Obviously the name “Girl Scout Cookies” faces some potential for copyright issues. That is why you will often see the name shortened to just “Cookies,” or abbreviated as “GSC.” This cannabis variety got its name because some perceive it to smell like actual Girl Scout Cookies. Love it or hate it, the name has stuck in the mind of pop culture and cannabis culture. While some may find it insulting to name an adult product after a children’s organization’s baked goods, I prefer to think of it as an honor and an homage. Either way, both Cookies and cookies seem to be top sellers and crowd pleasers!

Girl Scout Cookies Hemp Strain vs Marijuana

The marijuana version of GSC has won multiple Cannabis Cups and is truly legendary. Many new hybrid varieties have been bred from Girl Scout Cookies and have become popular staples on the legal cannabis market. Cookies is touted as a great medical marijuana strain for pain, nausea, and appetite loss. Its experience tends to be uplifting and euphoric. GSC is not an indica strain, it is a true hybrid variety that many people would associate with a sativa.

Likewise, Girl Scout Cookies hemp flower is balanced and will not get you high. It is not likely to experience any sedative effects from this hemp strain. My personal experience was that after smoking about one gram I felt calm and focused with no buzz. There really was not any tangible feeling after smoking GSC hemp flower but I did have an enhanced sense of well-being.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain Review

When I review cannabis strains (both marijuana and hemp), I always use the same process and the same equipment so I know that what I am experiencing is truly that cannabis variety. I clean my equipment, snap some photos in my homemade lightbox, then grind up about one gram. I always smoke a gram, again to control for variables. I use a Da Buddha table-top dry herb vaporizer which is a pretty heavy-duty piece of equipment. You can have a similar experience using a portable dry herb vape like the Flowermate V5 Nano or Flowermate Aura.

Using a dry herb vape allows you to taste a hemp strain’s full terpene profile. The GSC terpene profile features caryophyllene, linalool, humulene, and pinene. These terpenes culminate in a very peculiar fashion though. Many think that Cookies smells sweet, musky, and earthy, or like candy, while others will say sandalwood. I would describe the scent as pine, lemon, and bread. This “bready” smell and flavor is something found in some new hybrids, especially “Pie” hybrids which would lend to the genetic rumor of Cherry Pie Kush being a potential parent. GSC is not the most “bready” variety, but having experienced those it is something I picked up on.

When it comes to the flavor of Girl Scout Cookies hemp flower, do not expect it to taste exactly like a cookie. This is a plant after all! You will find some amazing flavors with this hemp strain though. GSC’s gold dusted green buds are packed with fresh herbal flavors, with some sweet citrus, mint, and a finish that is sweet and bread-like. That cookie-like flavor is there, but it is much more subtle than some might expect. No matter what tastes and smells you pick up on, you’ll definitely enjoy the overall sweetness of Girl Scout Cookies hemp flower.

Girl Scout Cookies Phenotypes

Believe it or not, there are many different versions of the Girl Scout Cookies strain. These different versions are called phenotypes. A phenotype has the same genetic code but expresses that code differently. An excellent example of this is non-identical twins. Surprisingly, this phenomenon occurs in plants as well.

When it comes to the marijuana version of the Girl Scout Cookies strain, some lines of clones express different flavors and colors. Some examples of GSC phenotypes include OGKB, Thin Mint, and Platinum GSC.

When it comes to Girl Scout Cookies hemp flower, it is likely also a phenotype that has very low THC and very high CBD. However, to make hemp versions of marijuana, the varieties are sometimes also crossed with a stable CBD hemp strain, so we do not know for sure how the hemp version was developed.

Final Thought on Girl Scout Cookies Hemp Flower

While many would not recommend the high THC potency of Cookies marijuana for beginners, the hemp version is novice-friendly at 16% CBD potency and less than 0.3% THC. This premium hemp flower will not get you high but it will have great flavor and plenty of CBD. If you like the Girl Scout Cookies hemp strain but are looking for a more portable option, Plain Jane also offers Girl Scout Cookies CBD Vapes.

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