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Fukedup Vendor Review


Fukedup sells high-quality hemp-derived THC products. The company is based in Medford, Oregon in the hub of the Rogue Valley. Its mission is to supply hemp shops and dispensaries with quality products that they can trust. The quality aspect is matched by competitive prices for the products.

All the products are processed using the company’s unique distillate. They contain no more than 0.3 percent THC content as per the 2018 Farm Bill requirement. This can be confirmed from the lab reports accessible on the website. Thus, customers can be confident they are purchasing legal products.

The website is well designed and user-friendly. Each major product category is listed and features a drop-down menu for the different product types. Customers can easily navigate the product line and complete the checkout process. There’s also a blog section with tons of insights on various cannabinoids like THC, THC-O, Delta-8, Delta-9, and Delta-10. All the legal policies and disclaimers are easily accessible at the bottom of their website. 

Fukedup Product & Service Overview

The company is focused on providing the best hemp-derived THC products including: 

Delta-9 THC

In the delta-9 category, the company focuses specifically on hemp-derived gummies. The gummies are available in three flavors: apple, sour blue raspberry, and tropical dragonfruit coconut. Each of the gummies weighs 3.5 grams and contains 10mg delta-9 THC, 17mg CBD, 2mg CBG, and 1mg CBC. A container has 20 gummy pieces and retails for $39.99.

Delta-8 THC

Delta-8 is booming across the U.S, thanks to its milder effects compared to the delta-9 THC. To meet the high demand, Fukedup offers a selection of delta-8 products. Consumers can choose from vape cartridges, pre-rolls, syrup, and lollipops. Others include wax diamond concentrate, Softgels, and flower strains.

Among its delta-8 products, the 1000mg d8 Syrup also known as delta-8 lean is the best-selling product. For those who want to unwind for the night, this is the ideal THC mix drink. It comes in three flavors, including grape, cotton candy, and peach. The 4oz bottle size contains 16 servings. It delivers about 62.5 mg of d8 per serving and is priced at $39.99.

The company also grows its own indoor hemp flower. The delta-8 flower strains available include gushers, orange late, sundae driver, and peach runtz. Despite the small collection, the quality of these hemp flower strains is unmatched elsewhere. They are sold in different sizes ranging from 1 gram to 1 lb. A gram goes for $9.99.


Following the success of delta-8 products as a legal alternative to the regulated delta-9 THC products, the company has sought to diversify into other less-known cannabinoids. One of them is HHC or hexahydrocannabinol. 

The company boasts the 1 ml HHC vape cartridge. This cartridge screws into a 510 vape battery, and comes in sativa, indica and hybrid strains. It’s priced at $39.99.


For customers who want something stronger than delta-9 THC, the company provides THC-O products. THC-O is almost three times more potent than traditional THC. Fukedup derives THC-O from legal hemp to create a variety of products including pre-roll joints, vape cartridges, distillate, wax diamonds concentrate, and gummies. 

The THC-O gummies are popular among most buyers. They come in assorted flavors, including strawberry, lime, grape, and blue raspberry. These gummies contain 25mg of THC-O. They come in 20 pieces per jar, and one jar is priced at $44.99.

Fukedup Customer Reviews

Customers love the potency and flavors of the THC-O gummies from the company, as portrayed in the following reviews:

“Great taste, great buzz, great overall. I was a little skeptical and while these aren’t thrice as strong, they’re really just as strong as actual THC gummies. Don’t expect el Diablo, but expect his cousin who hits just about as hard!”

“These taste great and provide a nice, energetic, uplifting feeling. Thanks again! I will be ordering more.”

“Man, it’s my first time trying out the THC-O, and let me tell you, it’s a whole different experience. It’s the closest thing I can think of that comes to Delta-9. This is a must if you want to feel good and lock onto the couch. Give it a shot!”

Customers also love the variety of products on offer and the affordable prices.

“I’m becoming a part of this great team with amazing great prices on products.”

“THC-O products are the real deal. They’re a great buy and worth the price.

Fukedup Complaints

There are also some customers who were not impressed with the company’s failure to honor their promise under the affiliate program.

“I’m very disappointed in getting stiffed by the affiliate program and the run-around, but all that said this should have no bearing on your awesome products and pricing. I just feel let down because I reached payout and got nothing.”

“I love the products but I’m having a hell of a time trying to get my issue with the affiliate program. I achieved a payout of 100.00 and then was emailed the program no longer existed and no one has helped me so far. I’m very disappointed, I have a fixed income and need the money I earned and was promised.”

Fukedup Coupons & Discounts

Fukedup has a mailing list where subscribers receive updates and special access to exclusive deals and discounts. And if you’re a first-time shopper, you get free shipping on your order. All you need to do is make an account and use the code SHIPIT.

The company also boasts of the highest paying affiliate program in the US. It offers a 50 percent commission to affiliates on every sale referred. The minimum payout is $100.

Lab Testing

Fukedup tests all its products in an independent, third-party laboratory. The lab reports are easily accessible on its website.

Is Fukedup Legit?

Yes, Fukedup is a legitimate vendor with an overwhelmingly positive response from its generally satisfied customer base.


Fukedup is a reliable company if you’re looking for hemp-derived THC products. The company believes in quality and only stocks up on the best quality products. All its products are also lab0-tested, and the lab reports are openly accessible from its website

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