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The Differences in Shopping for CBD and Delta 8 in Store Vs. Online

Delta 8 Online

Shopping online seems like it has taken over. With the pandemic, it seems like the overall safer option. There are certain preferences keeping people in stores, which isn’t a bad thing. And for the record, shopping online isn’t a bad thing either. It all boils down to preference and location. For some, shopping for hemp and CBD products in a retail location is simply impossible because of where they are located. 

Shopping for CBD and Delta in a Retail/Store Location

Technology has advanced so much. We have gone from dial up to getting groceries delivered in 2 hours. But the truth is, for many, it  can never replace a positive shopping experience which usually involves direct interactions between the customers, products, and employees. As the boom in the industry continues, we should expect to see more CBD stores across the country building solid reputations through traditional customer service.

There are some benefits to shopping in store for Delta 8 and CBD:

  1. You buy it now you get it now. No waiting for processing and shipping. No lost shipments.
  2. Choices made with the ability to physically see and inspect the item. 
  3. Returns are made easier, for the same reasons mentioned above in number 1.
  4. Customer service that stems from personal interaction. For some, face to face interaction isn’t easy. For others, it’s important and can make shopping a better experience. 
Where to buy CBD & Delta 8 Online

Shopping for CBD and Delta 8 Online 

Technology has allowed us to start the move into a global society. Technology has given us: ATM’s, wifi, grocery delivery, streaming services, ways to date, ways to stay in touch, and so much more. Our society, country, and maybe even world- functions because of technology. Though some would argue that technology is why there is ugly in the world. Whatever the sentiment, technology has made things possible.

There are some benefits to shopping for Delta 8 and CBD online:

  1. Research and customer reviews are so easy to find because of technology. For instance, on the Plain Jane site, each product listing has customer reviews, the certificate of analysis (COA), and an FAQ section. 
  2. More products to choose from with one search. For instance, a Google search stating the following: “hemp companies that sell delta 8”, will provide more results than any one store carries. The variety of available products online is significant. Though, shopping online with caution is a good thing. You want to go back to number 1 and make sure the source and product are clean and safe. With Plain Jane, consumers can shop CBD and Delta 8 everything from flower, to vapes, to oils, to edibles, and more. 
  3. Price comparison is made easy online. The search for best quality at lowest price- what most consumers want, is easy online. Technology helps with finding better deals for the same or similar products. It’s also easier to compare product potency, strengths, and prices. 
  4. Shop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, because placing online orders usually never sleeps. 

Final Thoughts

The decision to shop in store and online depends on different factors for different people. Here at Plain Jane, we don’t knock in store shopping. If you shop in store, drop us a line telling us what you find out there; and keep in mind we are here for you anyway. For those that love shopping online, we hope that you will browse Plain Jane first, for your CBD and Delta 8 needs. 

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