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Secret Nature Artisan CBD Review


Secret Nature Artisan CBD is a brand that focuses on top-shelf CBD products including hemp flower, CBD vape cartridges, CBD tinctures, and other natural hemp products. The brand has a focus on «organic» and sustainable CBD products. But why put organic in quotes? We’ll discuss that and give you our take on this boutique-style hemp company.

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Shopping for Secret Nature Hemp Products

Secret Nature has a very attractive website that is nicely organized. However, as I began to read their website content like their FAQ, About Us, and other website information I quickly noticed that they are making a lot of unsubstantiated medical claims that violate FDA CBD marketing rules. It also concerned me that their FAQ gave misleading and inaccurate information about CBD side effects and potential drug interactions which are much more concerning than they let on.

Their FAQ also gives CBD dosage information that is not supported by any medical evidence and would also violate FDA CBD rules. So please do not rely on the information they are giving you because it is not accurate or substantiated by any clinical evaluation. This company could very likely be cited with a warning letter from the FDA for its website content in the future. This has happened to even big-name CBD companies like Green Roads and Charlotte’s Web.

Organic Hemp from Secret Nature

The term «organic» is plastered all over the Secret Nature website and it is clear that this is something that is very important to the company. However, organic is a legally protected term. If you claim your product is organic, it must be certified as such by a USDA-accredited certifying agency. Since no accrediting information is available on their website, I emailed their support to inquire if they could provide me this information. It is possible to certify hemp crops as organic, so they very well could have this documentation.

However, you cannot say your products are organic without that certification. It does appear that Secret Nature is illegally marketing its products as organic. This is why many companies use the term «natural» instead because «natural» is not a legally protected designation. The term organic does appear on their product labels too which could be a major legal violation if the company doesn’t actually have certifications.

Should I Buy Hemp Here?

While Secret Nature does appear to be suffering from some of the most common marketing and labeling gaffs of the CBD industry, they do have very attractive product lines with premium packaging. They offer a great variety of hemp flower strains like Sour Gummi, Fuji, Papaya Nights, and Sweet Cake. They post lab reports for all of their products and overall I don’t think the products are any less safe than comparable products.

It is disappointing that they have not provided evidence to support their organic claims and that they have visually attractive but information void website content. If it were not for those major marketing problems I would recommend their products much more highly. My main concern is that while the products look fantastic, they pose a safety risk to consumers because of the disinformation that accompanies them.

Final Thoughts on Secret Nature Artisan CBD

Hopefully, I will hear good news back from Secret Nature to support their organic claims. I’ll be sure to update you with that information when and if it is provided. Overall, the hemp flower for sale on the Secret Nature website is a beautiful selection. It is quite high in price, but you can get 15% off your first order through their pop-up where you sign up for email marketing. I can tell that this company does really care about producing high-quality natural hemp flower that is sustainably grown, but I think they need to be much more mindful about their claims and the accuracy and quality of the information they are giving customers.

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