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Mujeres Valley Campground


Secluded in an area of Cibola County in New Mexico, exists a BIPOC owned and operated campground, offering a safe and welcoming space and community for all people of color- Mujeres Valley Campground. On site, visitors can experience services like: hiking and meditations, and people from cannabis lovers to the LGBTQ community are welcomed and accepted. In an area not so welcoming to the BIPOC community, owners of Mujeres Valley made a statement.

Learn more about them below. 

Please tell me about the day that you decided to launch your company/brand. 

“We decided to launch Mujeres Valley Campground after we won a 3 year legal battle to keep our land from a discriminatory real estate company. We were so excited to own the land outright and be able to continue developing it in the vision our ancestors and guides gave us. We had this new level of confidence in being able to legally protect our land and visitors and we’d been waiting to do this full on for the last 4 years.” 

What was the inspiration beyond the name of the company? 

“The inspiration for Mujeres Valley came from our rocky experience when we arrived in New Mexico. We chose to stay regardless of the discrimination we experienced because it was revealed to us that there was a group of people that wanted to keep BIPOC out of this area. We found out that BIPOC with dreadlocks had been run out of the area before and we felt it was our divine mission to develop this space as an openly BIPOC and Cannabis friendly safe space. We’ve been focused on sustainability in our community and our homestead. It’s important to us that we work in harmony with nature as opposed to paving over her beauty so as we develop these 20 acres we keep that in mind.” 

What is your mission by way of the campground; and how is hemp/cannabis associated with that? 

Our mission with the campground is to establish a safe and sustainable space for visitors to experience”

What do you want people to know about your company/brand? 

“We want people to know that we exist for the purpose of community, unity and future change for the upliftment of BIPOC in New Mexico. We have always operated in our businesses with the focus of unity and community in mind since we founded Zion Herbals LLC in 2012, and we continue with that focus as we go forward. We have a huge space in our heart for our people to work, live, and learn together and we’ve been developing safe community spaces for the last 11 years in California, Colorado and New Mexico. 

We are currently seeking investors and/or dedicated and qualified partners for the campground and for our recreational dispensary. The campground has some new developments coming like the first and only lake in Fence Lake, New Mexico, as well as some customized yurts and year-round camping amenities. We are attempting to develop over 60 acres of land so we are seeking caretakers for the land that have experience with animals and cannabis, preferably BIPOC.” 

What is the team that makes this all possible like? 

“The team that makes all of this possible is me, IxChel, and my husband, Asad. If it weren’t for Asad and his passion and dedication to living off the land and in harmony with the land we wouldn’t be here. Asad is our Master Grower and CEO of Projects pretty much! He has over 10 years of experience in HVAC (heating and air conditioning), over 10 years of experience in construction and building maintenance, and 10 years of experience as a business owner in beauty/fashion, wellness and cannabis. 

He is Reiki II certified, HCAV certified and a cannabis geneticist among some of the hats that he wears. I’m [IxChel] our Business Specialist. I have over 13 years of experience in Human Resources and Organizational Management but I’m also our head herbalist and healer. I’ve been Reiki II certified for about 6 years, I’m a 10 year skin therapist, I’ve developed our own line of wellness and skin care products (Zion Herbals LLC), I’m also a published author and poet, and I’m currently enrolled in the Cannabis Holistic Institute to be a Cannabis Therapy Consultant.”  

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