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Highlighting Cannabis and Wellness with Therapeutik Touch Massage

therapeutik touch

Owned and operated by Licensed Massage Therapist and founder, Kira Curry, Therapeutik Touch Massage is a traveling massage therapy business, offering services and products with a touch of hemp, based out of the City of Brotherly Love- Philadelphia. Be it a music festival, a food festival, or your backyard turned oasis- you will find Kira’s massage station the most relaxing spot in the vicinity. Learn more about Therapeutik Touch Massage below.

What was your relationship with cannabis pre legalization era?

“I have been an avid cannabis smoker for years prior to this pre legalization era. Honestly, I started at the age of 14 and simply the aroma of it started calling me and still does. My mother learned this after a certain age and never criticized me, she allowed me to consume in the house as long as she didn’t smell it. It was amazing that she understood, even though she didn’t want me to smoke. She loved the plant too. I have always loved this plant and the benefits that it provides me/

Anyone that knows me personally will tell you, it’s my first love. Cannabis and hemp allow me to free my anxious mind and open up to people. I’m I’m introvert and cannabis allows me to express myself a bit more freely. Amongst so many other benefits, I give my best massages under the influence of cannabis. Mainly because I can focus and tune into the person’s body and energy. It is necessary for me to function as a being.

You brand yourself as a traveling massage therapist, can you share more insight on that? 

“Yes, I provide traveling services to my clients by bringing the spa to their location. Whether it be in home massage, at the workplace, events or parties, I can bring everything needed to them and provide professional massage therapy services with CBD a lot of the time. 

I do not own a space and I love to move around and be free so- it made perfect sense to be a traveling massage therapist. I also find that bringing the services to the clients home, allows them to relax and be in the comfort of their own space. I am also not a fan of how some spas operate, for example overbooking, because it takes away from the therapeutic experience. 

Right now I do most of my work in Philadelphia and surrounding areas, I also do pop-up events in bordering states, and I am working on a plan to take my traveling services out of state on a more frequent basis. I’d love to incorporate more nature massage, like near a waterfall, and I would love to meet more people so that I can educate them on the power of touch.”

What kind of massage therapy services do you offer?

“Currently, I offer massage therapy modalities such as: deep tissue, therapeutic, CBD, pressure point therapy, reflexology, and sports and prenatal. As I continue to find ways to fund my business, I will offer more types of massage therapy services and take more continuing education courses to ensure I can offer more effective services to my clients.” 

Please tell me about your CBD massage? 

“It has been a game changer for some of my clients. I offer CBD massages and I handcraft CBD body care products that my clients can use. It has so many benefits for the physical body, and my clients agree that it helps them relax and especially with pain.”

How can people find you and book services with you?

Currently they can contact me three ways: 

Email: Therapeutiktouch@gmail.com / Instagram @Therapeutiktouch_massage / (267) 971-1340. Website coming soon. 

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