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Hemper Hemp Review

Hemper was established in 2015 as a humble startup by two college pals. Since its inception, the company has grown into an industry leader, having shipped over 250,000 smoking subscription boxes to its subscribers. The robust selection of smoking accessories inside the subscription boxes not only works as functional smoking devices but also serves as unique pieces of art. 

In recent years, the demand for CBD has grown considerably, with consumers looking for high-quality CBD that they can trust for safety, purity, and potency. In response to consumer demand, Hemper launched the high in-demand CBD products on its online store. The company carries a wide selection of CBD products, including CBD gummies, CBD topicals, CBD oil tinctures, and more.

Hemper’s website makes browsing for your favorite products easier than ever. You can narrow down your search by filtering via product name or keyword. Each product also has a detailed description as well as customer reviews to help you in your decision-making process. And there’s a blog section with informative articles on everything about CBD usage and cannabis accessories. 

Hemper Product & Service Overview

Hemper has all your favorite smoking devices in one place. You can get everything from rolling papers and wraps, glass pipes, vape accessories, dab nails & tools, bongs, and more. Here’s what to expect when you visit the vendor:


Hemper has also diversified its product line to include hemp-derived CBD products. Its CBD product categories include hemp flower, edibles, cartridges, oil tinctures, pre-rolls, and CBD for pets.

Hemper Monthly Subscription Boxes

The company offers monthly subscription boxes dubbed “The Hemper Box Experience.” Customers can choose their preferred option from mystery curated boxes in these four plans:

Each Hemper Box is packed with the accessories you need to roll up a joint, and equips you with new methods to light up your ganja. Subscribers are also afforded access to the basics and even limited edition glass pieces that they won’t find anywhere else.

For example, February’s Hemper box subscription comprises the following items, among others:

  • Hemper Gaming Flower Bong
  • Hemper Tech Alcohol Snap Caps
  • Hemper Filter Tips Booklet
  • Assorted OCB Cones
  • 14 MM Flat Top Banger
  • Assorted Clipper Lighter
  • Limited Edition Sticker
  • Hemper Tech Smell Proof Bags

All these items are valuable and worth over $100, yet the Hemper box subscription costs you a monthly fee of $39.99. 

The packaging of the boxes is discreet. To provide utmost privacy to its customers, the boxes are shipped in a discreet mailer bag with no external branding. 

Theme Boxes

Hemper also offers a great selection of customized boxes packed with the devices you need for an amazing smoking session. The theme boxes have carefully picked combinations of your favorite accessories and devices. 

Each box is customized differently so customers can pick the kit that best suits their respective needs. If you were to purchase each device separately, you would spend much more than the competitive price that the theme box is currently selling for.

Some of the available theme boxes include:

Hemper Customer Reviews

Here are some of the reviews that we found online about the company’s products:

«I get my Hemper box every 3 months and, after I got this box, I’m definitely changing it to monthly. My second box was way more impressive than my first! Hemper is lit. I’d definitely recommend.»

«Honestly, I thought they had really great customer service! Our package got stolen and the next day they said they would replace it. A week later we got our box and we were so excited! Thanks, Hemper!»

«Customer service is amazing. The first box (love it) and my monster water pipe had a very small chip, still usable. I emailed them pictures, and the next day I received an email, and the next thing you know I have a new piece on the way. I am impressed and the box was filled with goodness! Thank you.»

«Great products and very great subscription plans. I have ordered multiple essentials packs and one box so far and have not been disappointed. The customer service is great and the response time is reasonable.»

«Fantastic customer service! Elliot responded within 24 hours and is correcting what I needed. Hemper is fantastic all around. Great product, great customer service, and a happy continuing customer.”

Hemper Complaints

There don’t seem to be any complaints online regarding the company’s products. However, two customers were dissatisfied with Hemper’s delivery services.

«It took forever to get my bong even after $5 shipping.»

«I ordered a product and never received it. I tried calling them but they never answer the phone. All I want to know is if my package is on its way or refund people. Please someone get back to me about my order.»

Hemper Coupons & Discounts

Hemper offers 20% off Storewide for orders worth at least $200 using the coupon code: HEMPER20. You can also enjoy up to 15% off storewide using the coupon code: FRESH20. And when you sign up for Hemper’s email newsletter, you get a discount code that gives you discounts on select items.

Besides that, Hemper gives you a 5% discount when you share any of their products on your Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest page.

Currently, the company has several discounts on CBD products including:

Lab Testing

The company only sells brand products that provide batch information, ingredients, and expiry date. All its products are also pesticide-free, third-party-tested, and ISO-certified.

Is Hemper Legit?

Yes, Hemper is a legitimate hemp vendor. It has been featured in authoritative sites and blogs such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Cheddar, Billboard, and Business Insider, among others.


Hemper allows customers to shop for CBD products, smoking accessories, and devices all in one place. You also stand to gain from the subscription boxes that offer value for money with essentials and limited edition smoking devices, all shipped discreetly to the customer.

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