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Hemp Shampoo & Hair Care

hemp shampoo

Hemp is taking over as one of the best plants for life and the planet. Hemp is not only consumed as medicine, but it is consumed as vitamins, minerals, and energy. Hemp is used to build, to feed, used as fuel, and so much more. Walk into a store and take a stroll through the health and beauty department, and hemp CBD infused labels are seen everywhere. 

As related to hair care/treatment, hemp is starting to show up in just about everything; from shampoo, to hair masks, to hot oil treatments, to overall skincare– hemp is showing that it is the plant that can heal and treat just about everything.  

Hemp Infused Shampoo

Hemp infused shampoo is generally shampoo, infused with a hemp CBD concentrate, usually oil. Because of hemp’s legality in the United States, what is seen in the stores is legal. Hemp is federally legal and hemp contains less than 0.3% THC so, those fearful of a “high”, no need. Hemp’s main cannabinoid is CBD and CBD doesn’t create a psychoactive high the way that THC does. In fact, applying hemp as a topical doesn’t create any type of psychoactive high. 

The Benefits of Hemp Infused Shampoo

Hemp has a long list of benefits and so, no matter the way it’s consumed and/or applied, the body and/or mind will receive medicinal benefits of some kind. Luxury Hair (.com) states: “using CBD shampoo for example can improve dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, and itchy, flaky scalp. Below are additional benefits that hemp can offer through shampoo:

Promotes Hair Growth: the fatty acids and omegas in hemp contribute to healing of damaged hair and restoration of keratin which helps restore hair. 

Strengthens Hair to Alleviate Breakage: those that apply heat and color to their hair can benefit from anti-breakage treatment. Hemp infused shampoo is known to prevent hair breakage due to hemp’s nutrients and ability to strengthen keratin. 

Moisturizes Hair: hemp drops off lots of omegas when applied to hair and omegas keep hair moist. Hemp is known as a solid hair moisturizer and moisturized hair means hydrated.

Scalp Health: dry hair is one of the main causes of scalp irritation. Scalp irritation leads to hair breakage. Hemp plays a role in scalp health by providing moisture and nourishment. 

Final Thoughts

Hemp is showing a lot of promise and positive results as it relates to hair care and overall health and beauty. Hemp contributes greatly, but something to keep in mind is a statement by Fashionista, regarding hemp infused shampoo and hair products:

“One important thing to note is that, in these products, CBD is likely working alongside other soothing, hydrating ingredients that are helping to produce whatever results one might see. Many in the CBD beauty world, including the founders of Steam, argue that CBD (and THC) can increase the efficacy and absorption of other ingredients, in addition to providing its own benefits”.

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