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 Can You Fly with CBD Gummies?

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Among all of the different variations of hemp-derived and infused products, CBD gummies take the cake as the most inconspicuous. Fashioned to look like your average everyday fruit-flavored confection, these morsels of hemp-infused goodness don’t capture unwanted attention the way that hemp flower does.

So for obvious reasons, lots of buyers choose CBD gummies in times when discretion is the top priority — like during travel. And while you might think airport security probably won’t bat an eye as you pass through with your CBD gummies, you should be aware of a few specifics before flying with your stash.

First things first — are CBD gummies legal? It’s funny to imagine serious, uniformed personnel cracking down on a little jar of fruit-flavored chewy candy. But you’d be surprised how CBD gummies could attract the attention of airport security in certain areas.

To be clear, CBD gummies are federally legal as long as the cannabinoids they contain come from hemp. The 2018 Farm Bill officially legalized hemp and all of its derivatives after researchers discovered that, unlike marijuana, hemp doesn’t produce a high.

But then again, that is federal law. In some states, cities, and counties, lawmakers have imposed their own unique restrictions and regulations on hemp-infused and derived products. For instance, in Wisconsin, possession of CBD products is considered a misdemeanor.

In other states, hemp is legal but edibles aren’t. The laws fluctuate even more wildly if you’re thinking about flying abroad. So it pays to know the local laws at your destination.

It’s also worth pointing out that hemp edibles might not necessarily be entirely legal based on FDA guidelines. According to the FDA, CBD-infused products are not approved for human consumption. So technically, vendors aren’t allowed to market their CBD products as either food or supplements.

That’s why you’ll notice that brands often perform all sorts of semantic acrobatics to avoid giving off the idea that their products are edible, despite obviously being edibles.

Does the TSA Seize CBD Gummies?

You could imagine the heart-pounding situation of passing through TSA inspections with a tub of CBD gummies in your luggage. But you’d be surprised to know that they don’t actually care too much about your edibles.

Here’s what the TSA states on their website:

“TSA security officers do not search for marijuana or other illegal drugs, but if any illegal substance is discovered during security screening, TSA will refer the matter to a law enforcement officer.”

Yes, you read that right. The TSA does not actively look for illegal substances. Their role is to search for immediate threats to passenger and guest safety including bombs, firearms, and weapons.

However, if they do find any questionable substances during their search, they are legally obligated to alert the authorities. But then again, CBD gummies don’t even qualify as drugs. So you see how unlikely it might be to get in trouble for passing through an airport with your gummies in tow.

Can You Travel with CBD Gummies?

You should be able to travel anywhere in the United States with your CBD gummies. But again, not everyone is too well-versed when it comes to the specifics of hemp law. That’s why it pays to prepare for potential hiccups and to brace yourself for possible questioning.

Take these tips with you in case you decide to fly with your CBD gummy stash to streamline the whole process:

Bring Certificates of Analysis

In case you do get held up for your CBD gummies, stay calm and answer their questions as politely and properly as possible. Explain what your gummies are all about and where the cannabinoids in the formulation come from.

Even better, present any paperwork that proves what your gummies are. Certificates of analysis from the vendor should be all you need. It also helps to bring along receipts as well as the original packaging in case you decided to put your CBD gummies in a different container altogether.

Don’t Overpack

Be practical. Consider how long you plan to travel and assess how many CBD gummies you actually use in a day. Then pack just about a day’s worth extra for good measure.

CBD gummies on their own might not attract attention. But if you’re packing bags upon bags of the stuff, then the TSA might find that suspicious. If at all possible, avoid packing CBD gummies altogether. If your destination has relaxed laws surrounding the use of edibles, consider securing your stash from there.

Stay Calm, Collected, and Courteous

An argumentative stance isn’t going to win you any debates with the TSA and airport security. If they inform you that your CBD gummies raise alarms for their personnel, then courteously and respectfully explain what your stash is.

If they insist, then surrender the stash altogether and just go about the rest of the boarding process. There’s no point arguing with airport security especially if they’re convinced of their own ideas. By refusing to engage in an argument, you could be saving yourself an interrogation and possible penalties.

Are Airport Security Dogs Trained to Smell CBD?

For the record, security dogs are trained to sniff out THC, not CBD. That’s because THC is the psychoactive compound that makes a cannabis sample illegal. In effect, law enforcement agents have no interest in detecting CBD.

But that doesn’t mean these dogs won’t sniff out your CBD gummies anyway. Certain types of CBD gummies contain trace amounts of THC. Specifically, full spectrum CBD gummies have sufficient THC concentrations to get a trained dog to point.

However, it’s rare that airport security will use THC-sniffing dogs on the scene. Again, airport security is more interested in detecting bombs, weapons, and guns. So any dogs you find at the airport probably won’t be too interested in sniffing out your gummy bears.

Yes or No: Can You Fly with CBD Gummies?

Technically, you can fly with CBD. But it depends where you’re coming from and where you’re going. Laws and regulations change from state to state. They become even more complicated in between countries.

So before you take to the skies, make sure you consider the dirty details and read up on local legislature. It also helps to keep your call, come prepared with the necessary documents, and pack light so you can avoid any unwanted attention.

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