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D8 THC Shop Vendor Review

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D8 THC Shop had a vision that led to its creation. That vision is to improve the hemp market by offering top-shelf flowers at prices affordable to everyday people. They work on the belief that cannabis can and should be used to promote wellness without the negative effects associated with marijuana. Delta 8 is proven to relax your body and mind simultaneously. D8 THC shop knows that people want the benefits of CBD without the stigma associated with potheads. They help this occur by only offering locally farmed products in Oregon and avoiding synthetic strains that leave you feeling anxious and paranoid. They only provide natural and organic products.

Top Products from D8 THC Shop

D8 has created the perfect name for its brand. Online you will see one of the largest lines of D8 products available from any vendor. They have edibles, tinctures, and even syrups high in Delta 8, so you can achieve maximum results. The flower is an excellent choice because the nuggets are dense and chunky. You will see the beautiful flower infused with all shades of green, red, and amber. When you open the flower to make a joint, you will experience fragrant aromas. Upon smoking the beautiful flower, you’ll get flavors of blueberry, earthy, smoky, and floral undertones.

If Delta 8 isn’t for you, they also have a big choice of CBD products. Their gummies make for the perfect snack attack and will leave you feeling upbeat and uplifted. Gummies are an option that most people love for CBD because they are delicious and the effects are long-lasting. CBD isolates are better if you want the effects of CBD but don’t enjoy sweet foods. With their isolates, you get 300mg of CBD that will leave you feeling calm, cool, and collected but still able to function. Delta 8 encourages appetite, so if you have issues eating, you should give this a go. Since it helps with appetite, it naturally supports wellness and a balanced lifestyle.

D8 has fat pre-rolled hemp joints that can give you an easy, ready-to-go smoking experience. All their pre-rolls use top-shelf flowers. When you smoke them, they draw well and burn at just the right speed for you to fully enjoy the effects of the CBD. If you want to roll your own CBD smokes, then you should try the strawberry cake CBD hemp flower they sell. It is a long, full flower that is glistening as a result of the trichome-rich nug. With this strain, you will get dark green colors and amber hairs throughout every nugget you grab. The flower has high levels of CBD at 18% total cannabinoids. The flavor profile is out of this world too!

Lastly, they offer CBG flower, which hosts its own set of benefits like stress-free sleep, enhanced mental focus, and a more peaceful state of being. The CBG flower they have will also work as a strong anti-inflammatory and reduce joint pain.

What People Are Saying

With more than 500 reviews on Trustpilot, D8 has built quite the reputation for providing good quality flower that gives you the effects you are looking for with CBD. The company knows their information, and customers love how they help them find the best product for their needs. The shipping is said to be quick, efficient, and discreet. People are saying that you will get your hemp quicker than amazon can get a backpack to you. The gummies are lit, and customers express that they make them feel happy and stress-free. We can see that D8 cares about its customers because reviews don’t lie, and they have over 500.

D8 THC Shop Points and Discounts

The sale section on this site is one of the best you can find for a vendor. You can buy quality D8 products for as little as $10. The flower in their sale section is currently a quarter off the standard retail price, making the cost less than $20. There isn’t a rewards program, but the company prides itself on offering low prices all the time without needing a loyalty program. If you want to buy products in bulk, you can do it through their wholesale form. Once you fill it out, they will reach out to you and walk you through the verification process. After that, you are free to buy in bulk and save loads more than you could just buying from the sale section.

D8 verifies that their products are under the federal legal limit for THC at 0.3%. They provide you with lab test results in the form of a certificate of analysis available for you to view online. The lab testing the products undergo confirm that they are within legal THC limits and free from harmful pesticides or fungi that can reduce the CBD experience. They offer these tests freely because D8 values transparency and wants you to understand the product you are purchasing clearly.

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