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Audio is a delta-8-focused cannabis brand that offers customers the best quality delta-8 THC products. According to the company, all its products are compliant with the Federal Farm Bill, making them federally legal.

There isn’t much information about the company’s mission and management, but its products speak volumes of its commitment to offering the best hemp-derived products on the market. Product & Service Overview offers a vast selection of delta-8 gummies, cartridges, and disposable vapes. The company’s delta-8 gummies are made from fresh, organic, and lab-tested delta-8 THC distillate. They also have an eye-catching appearance. 

The gummies come in four options: Blue x Razz, Caviar x Kush, Berry x Blast, and Sour X Lemonade. All varieties come in mouth-watering flavors and are dusted with sugar for added sweetness. They also come in well-designed see-through jars containing 20 to 25 mg delta-8 gummies. This basically means that you get 500 mg of delta-8 with each pack.

The company’s delta-8 cartridges are also quite popular. These cartridges are very easy to use and offer some of the highest-quality delta-8 on the market. The 1 ml cartridges come with a 510-threaded connection, making them compatible with all standard vape pen devices. Each cartridge contains 800 mg of pure hemp free of additives and fillers. They also come loaded with terpenes to enhance your overall vaping experience. delta-8 disposable vapes offer an easy and convenient way to enjoy delta-8. They come pre-assembled, pre-filled, and pre-charged, so you can start vaping your favorite strain straight out of the box. The various options available include Acai x Gelato, Bazooka x Cookies, Gushers x Runtz, Lemon x Cookies, Mango x Dream, and Orange x Zkittlez. You can also buy them as a 3-pack, 5-pack, or single purchase.

Apart from the excellent high-quality products, the company has a beautiful and easily navigable online shop. Its website has a clear layout featuring some of the company’s most popular products and some useful information about its products right on the homepage. 

The company also has a blog where it educates its customers about the numerous benefits of delta-8. The blog also features reviews of some of the company’s products. 

Although doesn’t have a physical location, it does its best to offer all its customers the best online customer service. If you have any queries about your order or need advice before making a purchase, you can reach its customer service team through the chat button on the website. They typically reply within a few hours. Product Cost & Price Comparison

Despite the work it puts into all its products, offers pretty fair prices on all its products. However, as a delta-8 product manufacturer, some of the company’s products are unique to the brand, making it quite hard to get an accurate comparison on pricing. That being said, a few of its products are also available from other vendors. Here is a brief comparison of how some of its products compare to other vendors in terms of pricing across all categories.

Category Product Price at D8.coOther Vendors
Delta-8 THC GummiesDelta-8 THC Gummies Berry x Blast$39.99$40.00
Delta-8 THC CartridgesDelta 8 THC Vape Cartridge Bazooka x Cookies$29.99$29.99
Delta-8 THC disposable VapesDelta 8 THC Disposable Vape Bazooka x Cookies$39.99$39.99 Customer Reviews must be doing something right because there are tons of customers on the website’s testimonial section and in the wild raving about the quality and effectiveness of its products.

Take this customer on the company’s website, for example:

“I can’t believe this is legal. This is the first gummy I felt physically working. All I can say is that I felt both focused and relaxed. Amazing.” 

Another customer says:

 “I really enjoyed this Delta 8 THC. Normally smoking makes me super paranoid and anxious, but this doesn’t at all. “

Here is what another customer on Reddit had to say:

“ carts are also legit. I grabbed a Bazooka x Cookies a few days ago from my local shop… They taste good and slap pretty good, so I can’t complain. Also, they do testing on their carts. If you’d like to look at them go to their site.”

Overall, the company seems to be doing great in terms of product quality. Complaints

Despite the numerous positive reviews, there are a few dissatisfied customers out there. Customers seem particularly unimpressed by how the company handles queries and complaints. Take this customer, for example:

“I constantly tried to get ahold of them for updated lab results for the cart and gummies I’ve ordered and got nothing. Absolutely nothing. I tried the support email 3 times in a row and still got nothing. They have a year-old lab results still up for the products and my assumption is that it’s not safe anymore.” Coupons & Discounts

Unfortunately, doesn’t offer coupons or a referral program. It does, however, have pretty impressive deals on wholesale purchases.

Lab Testing

All the company’s products are Federal Farm Bill-compliant. This basically means that they contain less than 0.3 percent THC. Additionally, all its products undergo third-party lab testing to ensure quality and consistency. The lab results are freely available on the company’s website.

Is Legit?

Its lack of a physical address casts some doubt on its legitimacy. However, considering the numerous positive customer reviews and the fact that it doesn’t have any outstanding lawsuits or any obvious footprint of manipulation, it’s safe to say that is legit.

Conclusion is one of the few cannabis-centered companies that back up their claims with high-quality products. All its products are fully compliant with federal law and have proven to be effective. It also boasts one of the most flavorful delta-8 gummies product selections on the market.

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