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Cloud 9 Smoke and Vape Vendor Review


Cloud 9 Smoke and Vape knows pretty much all there is to know about Vaping and CBD. The dispensary is based in Kennesaw, Georgia, and has been in business since 2011. They are rapidly expanding due to their priority of customer service, and they have been able to grow to more than 13 locations in the metropolitan area of Atlanta.

Cloud 9 is on a mission to be your preferred destination for all things vape. Their mission is continuous innovation for vaping technology and best-in-class customer experiences. They treat each customer like a member of their family.

Cloud 9 stands out against competitors because they offer high-quality buds, vapes, and accessories. They have an extensive selection of smoking accessories that can suit any need you may have – something that is hard to find on many vape sites. If you’re not sure about what you need, they have easy contact information like Whatsapp, phone numbers, and email on their site.

Top Products from Cloud 9

The wide range of products from Cloud 9 makes it a great one-stop shop for all of your vape and CBD needs. They offer top-quality gummies that are lab tested to ensure they only use top-quality hemp for their creation. They curate collections of edible gummies from industrial hemp. You are getting top-quality edibles that will ease your mind and body for a celestial night’s rest. You can reduce your anxiety and pain with the deliciously flavored gummy of your choice.  

If you’re looking for a beautifully grown bud that contains high levels of pure CBD, Cloud 9 has got you covered. When you inhale CBD, the ingestion rate doubles, and their flower contains only the best CBD from the best quality hemp. The flower offered by them is bursting with rich aromas and tastes. The terpenes in their flower produce immensely calming effects, perfect after a stressful day of work. They choose their bud from the best suppliers backed up with lab-quality tests.

If you want to absorb your CBD and feel calming effects in the most euphoric of fashions, you can try any of their skincare products. Not only do they offer lotions and tinctures, but bath bombs help you reach maximum comfort and ease.  

What People Are Saying

Customers on Facebook consistently refer to this company as deeply knowledgeable about anything hemp-related. It’s easy to see that cloud 9 cares immensely for their client’s needs. Their blog section is extensive, boasting 16 pages of useful information that can guide even the most experienced smoker to an optimal CBD session and experience.

Skin nourishment and healing properties you get with their product will leave you feeling lush and your mind full of creative ideas. The bath bombs are excellent for reaching deep into your stiff muscles and providing optimal relaxation in a warm bath.

Your experience is Cloud 9’s top priority. Customers love their attentiveness and willingness to help them understand what you need for quality and stress-free consumption. You can check out their extensive blog, where they put their knowledge to good use. You can read about every product they sell online and make the most informed decision. They even offer guidance on how to get an out-of-this-world experience using their CBD products.

Cloud 9 Loyalty Points and Discounts

Cloud 9 has a very comprehensive rewards program that gives you two loyalty points for every dollar spent. When you sign up, they give you 100 cloud nine loyalty points you can use immediately. Customer satisfaction is everywhere on this site. For your birthday, you get 250 free points to spend on whatever you think is best for your magical day. When you share and like their content, you earn points just for telling the world about their fantastic products.

The sale section on the website offers stellar deals. You can save up to 30% when you purchase sale products. The steep discounts make the sales page worthy of a view. You can buy full-fledge hookah machines that you can use to smoke the beautiful flower you get with your rewards points. The sales page is full of accessories to boost your already heightened CBD experience.

The generous rewards program rewards you for sharing their site information and being honest. It also means the company’s focus is on your needs. You hear it best when it comes straight from the customers. It means you know you will get a quality product and access to a wealth of knowledge about the product they offer. The loyalty points and over a decade of expertise make your purchase cosmically happy.

Cloud 9 has an extensive list outlining the legality of its products. The full spectrum MCT tinctures have no THC and give you a healthy dose of CBD (up to 66mg) per ml. Their hemp flower, when inhaled, provides an impressive 50% bioavailability of CBD. Meanwhile, it is free from THC. The various lotions, pre-rolls, and bath bombs give you all the CBD with none of the THC keeping this product legal and desirable.

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