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Cloud 9 Hemp Review


Cloud 9 is a CBD hemp flower that came to the market in 2020. It is a cross between the popular strains Autoflower #14 and Harle Tsu. It is an indoor cultivation flower and has been carefully grown for maximum efficacy. The buds are reminiscent of the kush family but are fuller and looser in comparison.

So before we take a closer look at the Cloud 9 strain itself, a brief look at the parent strains will give us some context to understand this new strain a little better.

Autoflower #14

As the name suggests, autoflowering strains are not dependent on the light duration that most cannabis plants are sensitive to. Instead, these cannabis Ruderalis species have evolved to flower after a certain amount of time has passed. 

These strains often give rise to wild hemp. They are crossbred with other strains to create more auto-flowering strains or reduce the THC concentration.

Harle Tsu

Harle Tsu is short for Harlequin Tsunami. This CBD flower was one of the first strains bred specially for its high CBD and low THC content. 

This strain has a good balance that is more calming than an energizing one. It has strong pine notes, combined with herbal and fruity overtones.

Cloud 9 Hemp Flower Effects

Cloud 9 has a subdued presence and does not have noticeable effects that are heady or produce a buzz. The taste and aroma are subtle, with hints of floral and herbal notes that it inherits from the Harle Tsu side of its parents.

 This hemp strain has an energizing terpene profile but lacks the distinct citrusy/lemony zest that other similar strains have.

Thanks to its subtle effects, it is an excellent option for beginners to try out. Users seem to like it as an uplifting strain that makes them think of cannabis Sativa strains. Some have even compared it to Sour Space Candy, thanks to its flavor profile. Of course, it is not as strong and pungent as the SSC strain but is perhaps a more subdued version of that terpene profile.

Most buyers have praised the energizing effects and recommended energetic sessions involving socializing, discussions, or creativity.

Potency and Composition

This strain has only 0.01% THC along with over 14% CBD. Looking at lab analysis, we noticed that over 12% of this CBD is present as CBDa or cannabidiolic acid. This is the chemical precursor to CBD and will convert to CBD when heated. 

Any flower with over 10% CBD concentration is considered a “high CBD flower. So this is a reasonably potent CBD flower. It is good to note that some CBD strains can go well over 20% CBD concentration for more context.

Another interesting factor to note here is the presence of 0.5% THCa or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid. This is similar to CBDA in function. While it is entirely non-psychoactive in its acid form, heating it produces THC. 

This means that heating (such as during vaping or smoking) pushed the total THC potency to slightly above 0.5%.

This is not enough to produce any noticeable effects and simply adds to the overall entourage effect. Given the high CBD content, it will likely contribute to the health benefits of the entire flower.

Combinations and Pairing

Cloud 9 hemp pairs well with sour strains like the Sour Space Candy mentioned earlier. Flowers that have high concentrations of terpenes like pinene and linalool in their profiles will also pair well with this flower. Pinene is responsible for the pine notes, and linalool is floral and reminiscent of lavender.

This flower is an energizing strain, so it goes well with our midday meal or early morning coffee. The subtle aromas and taste are best enjoyed on their own if you are looking to experience the flower in its completeness. 

However, it also means that it will pair well with a wide variety of things because it doesn’t impose its flavor and scent on whatever it is being combined with.

Health Benefits Of CBD Flowers

High-potency CBD flowers came into widespread awareness after being legalized at the federal level. This happened in 2018 through the Agricultural Improvement Act, commonly known as the Farm Bill.

CBD is known for strong therapeutic effects that help with mood elevation, making you feel calm and relaxed. It uplifts you while also reducing pain and inflammation in the body. CBD has also been shown to have the potential as an anticonvulsant that helps patients suffering from seizures.

CBD is known to become even more effective when taken along with all the other natural cannabinoids that form a part of the cannabis/hemp plant. Thus smoking a flower or vaping will give you more benefits than simply going for CBD isolate.

The Cloud 9 flower has its distinct energizing qualities thanks to its high CBD concentrations and also its distinct terpene profile.


Cloud 9 CBD flower is an excellent choice for beginners and also for regular users who want something that has a mild flavor but is full of all the CBD effects. Its genetics make it a great choice for daytime use and combining it with other flowers and pairing it with food items.

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