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Clone Connect is ready to help anyone who needs an introduction to CBD. They have built an industry from the ground up, which is a very hard task to accomplish. Since 2018 when the Farm Bill legalized cannabis in the USA, Clone Connect has led the forefront to move hemp forward. The company is a marketplace of ideas and products that you can purchase. People need more than just a click-to-buy website for hemp. We need help from real people who know and understand CBD, its benefits and are willing to share information about products. Clone Connect focuses on experiences because a positive experience will make you believe CBD and its wonderful effects.

The company is about business and producing quality connections with people in the hemp industry. They focus on the long-term business opportunities that come from good quality experiences. Their mission is simple: to work with hemp because it makes a difference in the lives of its users.

Top Products from Clone Connect

Clone Connect has a huge selection of top-shelf hemp flowers. Forbes magazine has written about their extensive quality and selection of CBD flowers. Each stain is acclaimed and grown using only organic methods, which produce safe, sticky, and full buds. They always take the time to hand trim and properly cure each flower they offer to consumers. You can expect a refreshing smoking experience with exceptional CBD and terpene counts.

Each flower looks exceptionally dense, and they are covered in crystallized trichomes. Most of the flower is green, like the lifter hemp CBD. The lifter is a dense nug that they trim to perfection. They remove the stems and seeds. Removing them is a huge benefit because this reduces the effects of the flower. The total CBD count for this flower is a whopping 30.5% and is legal in 50 US states. The strain is perfect for daytime users, has traces of citrusy terpenes, and has a flavorful profile.

The fruity pebbles CBD hemp flower breaks the mold with its beautifully rich purples and amber hairs. The flower is Sativa dominant, making you feel productive and creative, not relaxed and lazy. It will be perfect for a midday pick-me-up without the head high associated with flowers high in THC.

If you’re looking to cultivate your bud, Clone Connect offers many types of seeds you can purchase. The seeds will grow into a beautiful and rich purple-colored flower. The color complements the flower’s potency and has a mouth-watering profile of terpene that has aromas and flavors of cherry wine.

Clone Connect can grow your seeds into seedlings and then deliver them to you in a climate-controlled truck if you aren’t quite ready to grow your seeds from start to finish. It makes for the perfect setup if you are anxious that you might not have the structure to get your seeds to sprout. You can rest assured that your seeds will grow if you have the setup because they only connect with suppliers that have proven their products to be of high quality.

What People Are Saying

Best Marijuana guide is raving about Clone Connect. They outline that the company is more of a network for finding the best quality hemp flower and seeds. Customers can leave reviews on the site, and they outline that the company has the best hemp seeds you can buy. They also outline that the company can tell you how to grow them. Their wealth and knowledge are noted multiple times by many customers. They care about their product and your experiences, holding to their mission and values.

Clone Connect Points and Discounts

Clone Connect does not have a rewards or loyalty program for its products. They are a network and website that connects you to quality growers. The flower you will get is reasonably priced, and they are excellent quality. However, there are no rewards points. You can buy seeds and clones. They have extensive growing guides that will help you to successfully cultivate your flower. Growing guides are better than any discount you could get in the long run because you will not need to continually purchase the flower.

All of the flowers, seeds, and clones that Clone Connect offers are legal under the 2018 Farm bill. The bill legalized the cultivation and sale of hemp products that contain no more than 0.3% THC. Although hemp is federally legal, you should still consult your statewide laws. Not all states have legalized the possession or distribution of hemp flowers regardless of THC content. Clone Connect lab tests all of their flower to ensure that it is within the federally legal limit. When you click on a flower to purchase, you can see the certificate of analysis which guarantees that the flower or product you are purchasing is within the legal limit.

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