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Christina Thomas with Living Free Souls

living free souls

Mind, body, and spirit healing are essential to human survival in my opinion. A healed human has the capacity to heal a world and we need pioneers and coaches to guide us through that mud. Christina Thomas, lives her life guiding others toward healing through Living Free Souls and hemp CBD. Learn more about her below. 

You’re a certified Mind Body Medicine Life Coach and Spiritual Practitioner, can you explain what this means and what you do?

“I’m a mind-body spiritual practitioner that educates, mentors, guides, and consults with individuals who are looking for a better way of living through wellness, diet. natural practices, mindfulness, regimen, and plant medicine. I’m a certified medical cannabis consultant that works with patients and individuals to build regimens with the proper education and tools to help them treat their conditions. As a spiritual practitioner I work as a direct channel between an individual and their Source as realizations and answers are revealed in session. 

I help others connect spiritually so that they can see the pains, traumas, hurts, tension and negative energy that is being held inside their body. I work with veterans that are overcoming their trauma while living in their post traumatic growth.” 

How is hemp/CBD incorporated in your business? 

“Empowering, teaching and mentoring individuals on how they want to live healthier and with whole health purpose. Every being has to find what works with their whole body and being. Allowing individuals to medicate and build healing practices that suit their lifestyle is the goal of my services.” 

You’re pretty much an open book on Instagram and Your TV show (thank you for allowing me to come on set!) about how CBD helps you heal, can you share a little bit about that journey? 

“Yes. CBD has been my peace from all the many pieces of my story. From calming my mental conditions, to giving me life back from the dis-ease my kidnap and rape left me in. Adversity and trauma is the one thing that links us all to our compassionate level. Having multisystem auto-immune disease that is influenced by DNA changes of agent orange, genetic predispositions, and extreme environmental influences, I don’t have the luxury of having a single point of healing. 

CBD boosts all my modalities through its phyto-cannabinoid punch, and the heavy boost of CBD I use as ingestible boosts my phytochemicals as I use food as medicine to bring a more consistent healing and thus consistent livelihood. After having over 50 surgeries and procedures, too many near death experiences I wanted to give hope back to those that I knew needed it just as much as I did.”

Let’s talk about the TV show, you’re the host of Battlefield to Wellness, how did this happen and what’s the mission of the show?

“The show happened by the grace of God. The Golden Network and WWDBTV wanted to do more for their audience and expand the demographics. I was being interviewed as the Chair of Southern Nevada Veterans Advocacy Council, and what I did as a mind body spiritual practitioner for veterans that I worked with through their wellness journey. As I explained the depth of advocacy, what it takes to stay committed to it, and purpose, he asked me to explain how I knew what to do and my story. After the interview the producer asked me to stay behind and have a meeting. He said I was exactly what he had been looking for, for the veteran community and those that are healing. He offered me Battlefield to Wellness to discuss not just veteran affairs but mental health, wellness, and all things mind body spirit to help those heal.”

What’s happening with Living Free Souls in 2022; what should we be on the lookout for?

“So much goodness is happening. The last decade, Living Souls has been fewer groups and more one on one coaching and mentoring. This year and next year I have heavy dedication to mentoring the youth and veterans with the mind body medicine practices I’ve learned that have changed me life and thousands of others. 

As I continued to grow I was taught by the Center of Mind Body Medicine to do advanced groups. These groups have been used all over the world to help those heal from their trauma. Now, I will be doing classes to maximize the ability to get this incredible healing work to the people. I will be focused on 8-week mind body medicine groups, that will be posted the beginning of November for the year. Lots of advocacy for mental health this year and lots of traveling to countries all over to learn more and bring different perspectives and modalities of healing (my favorite part of this journey).” 

To learn more about Living Free Souls, visit their website

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